I am SO PROUD OF YOU! You did it! You completed this workout program. Today, all you have to do is relax and stretch out your body. Go for a light walk, do some yoga, follow some stretch videos. Resting your body is just as important as all of the work we did over the past 6 days, so be sure to take today easy, you deserve it.

**Take a selfie and hashtag #LLLWOW so I can see what you’re doing!**

Week of Workouts: Day 7

Rest & Stretch


[tweetshare tweet=”It’s the last day of #LLLWOW and I feel so much better and stronger. After today, I want to go another round and see if I can improve. #Strength” username=”iMW&o(UKdvzLrQe867di2OYejzB7fFqL:1:0″]

Will you be doing another round?


Love Ya’ll A Latte,


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