You are almost finished with our Week of Workouts workout program!! I hope you have had fun, that you feel better and stronger, and are even considering going through this for a second week to really challenge yourself.
Just like days 3 and 5, today’s workout is centered around HIIT training. You already know what it is and how to perform it, the only difference will be longer sets and no 1 minute ab move.
I have chosen these movements to work your core, get your heart rate up, and challenge your balance. If you waver or stumble, it’s okay! Keep going! It is meant to challengyour mind and body. Breathe through each movement and speed up as you get more comfortable in each movement. Here’s a trick when it comes to balance: focus on one particular spot and breathe.
Remember to do your Warm Up first, then perform the workout, and Cool Down afterwards. Click on the links to see instructional videos of each and the demonstration video for today. Oh, and here’s your  Cardio Balance Workout Log to keep a log, so that if you decide to do a second week, you can see how you improve. If you need me, I’m just an email away!

**Take a selfie and hashtag #LLLWOW so I can see what you’re doing!**

Week of Workouts: Day 6

Cardio Balance


[tweetshare tweet=”I challenged my balance today in day 6 of #LLLWOW and was proud of myself for sticking through it. One more day to go!” username=”iMW&o(UKdvzLrQe867di2OYejzB7fFqL:1:0″]


How was your balance? Do you have a stronger side?


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