Core Focus will be a similar concept to day 3. We are not using weights today but you will need a timer as we are doing HIIT training and abs.
HIIT training is High Intensity Interval Training. You will have 30 seconds to perform each HIIT move, there are two moves in each set, and 3 rounds of each set. Therefore, you will perform each move 3 times. Your goal is to get as many repetitions as possible and try to beat your number in each round. So, for example, your first set consists of Ab Jump Rope and Wide Tuck Jumps. Set a timer for 30 seconds, Ab Jump Rope getting as many reps as possible, when your timer goes off, log that number really quickly, then reset your timer and perform Wide Tuck Jumps. Repeat that for a total of 3 times. Make sense?
After each set, you will complete a 1 minute ab series.
Now, it is Core Focus so I have designed the HIIT moves to focus on using and working your midsection. You may not be using weights, but you will definitely feel this workouts.
Remember to do your Warm Up first, then perform the workout, and Cool Down afterwards. Click on the links to see instructional videos of each and here is your demonstration video for today. Oh, and here’s your Core Focus Workout Log to keep a log, so that if you decide to do a second week, you can see how you improve. If you need me, I’m just an email away!
**Take a selfie and hashtag #LLLWOW so I can see what you’re doing!**

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Week of Workouts: Day 5

Core Focus



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You are only 2 days away from the end, how are you feeling? Has this been easier or harder than expected?


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