Rest and recovery, two of the most underrated words in sports training. When you’re striving towards greatness don’t you just hate being told that you need to just do nothing, to stop putting pressure on your injuries and take it easy?

There are times when resting is exactly the right thing to do and those times are when your body can knit together and repair the damage done when training hard.

But are there more things you can do to achieve an active recovery to get you back up and out there sooner rather than later?


Ice Baths

Tried and tested and universally unpopular the ice bath is a technique that reportedly helps to flush out the body’s waste products by constricting the blood vessels.

It aids in relieving muscle soreness, particularly after a heavy weight training session. Experts believe a contrasting water approach is the best way to get the most out this therapy so after a plunge in ice water, athletes should complement it with a hot shower.



While there are plenty of supplements out there on the market, not all will make any difference and some may even cause more harm than good.

One of the better ones is creatine, an organic compound that can be found naturally in the body.  It works to increase your performance in high intensity exercise. It also helps the muscles to recover when taken after exercise.

Another supplement on the market is molecular hydrogen therapy. It falls under supplements as athletes can drop specially formulated tablets into water to achieve faster recovery. There are plenty of companies offering this treatment and Trusii reviews show that the treatment works by simply increasing the concentration of molecular hydration in water. This in turn leads to an increase in energy and a quicker recovery time.

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Take A Stretch

A seriously underrated but highly effective aid for treatment. Muscles that get damaged in training will benefit from some intense stretching. Be careful not to stretch completely cold muscles, however, do some dynamic warming up before embarking on a routine.

You don’t have to stick to a traditional regime however, consider a Yoga or Pilates session targeting specific areas.

This also leads into:


Active Recovery

While getting plenty of rest, consider taking some gentle exercise. A long, slow walk or jog, a gentle swim and even some light weight work will all help the body on its road back to recovery.

When you are training hard and going all out to achieve your goals, taking time to help your body recover can be hard. But, as any self-respecting fitness expert will tell you, adequate recovery will instead boost your performance next time around and help you achieve your goals even faster.

Take time to find good quality supplements, read around for top tips and try out all different types of active recovery exercises until you find something that suits your lifestyle and recovery choice down to the ground. Get your body fighting fit and back up to your best form.




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