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what to wear running


Investing in the right running clothing will keep you comfortable and could even prevent injury. Here are a few tips on what to have in your wardrobe.


The basics

The most important item of clothing that you can invest in as a runner is a good pair of running shoes. These will protect your joints and prevent blisters. You don’t have to go for a top brand, but you probably don’t want to go too cheap either. Reviews on the best mid-range running shoes could be useful when choosing the right pair of kicks.


Meanwhile women runners will probably want to buy a sports bra. A good bra will offer support whilst wicking away sweat. You may benefit from trying a few different bras on to find one that’s a comfortable fit.


Most people choose to go running in a basic t-shirt and shorts, but of course there are more specialist athletic options for those that want to up the comfort and look more stylish. You could even look into custom track and field uniforms if you’re serious about running. Ideally, you should avoid cotton as this can cause chafing.


As for socks, consider a material such as merino wool. This is good for soaking up sweat and doesn’t chafe. It can also provide warmth in the winter making it an all round decent material.


In the heat

When running in the heat you’ll want to dress light. There are lots of breathable material options that you can get that will prevent you overheating. Coolmax is a popular material that’s ideal for running in the heat.

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A cap or shades meanwhile could be useful for protecting against sun damage. There are running options for these accessories that won’t fall off. On top of this, you’ll want to bring some water with you – there are holsters that you can buy, although some people prefer to simply carry water with them.


In the cold

You should be careful of layering up too heavily in the cold – when running you’ll get hot and then you’ll have to take off those extra layers and carry them. You may be better off investing in some specialist winter running clothes. There are items such as winter running tights for example that can help to keep your legs warm, whilst providing enough ventilation for when you do start to sweat.


As for the rain, many winter materials are likely to also be waterproof although you may want to  buy a specialist lightweight running jacket.


At night

If you’re running in the evening (or very early in the morning), it could be worth buying some reflective running gear. This will help you to be seen and could be much-needed if you’re running down narrow country roads that cars use. Even a simple reflective strip could be enough to alert drivers and keep you safe.


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