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It’s never easy taking a step back and critiquing the way you eat with plans to change it, make healthier choices and eat smaller portions. My goal in this article would be to help you at least start somewhere and give you an idea of what to eat. Throughout this article, please note that this information is geared towards you if you are, or are planning on, eating a 1200-1500 calorie meal plan daily. Remember, anything under 1200 calories is dangerous. Also remember, in order to lose weight, you will need to burn more energy than you consume and in order to gain weight, you will need to eat more energy than you burn. That being said, let’s get started. 🙂

What to Eat: 1200-1500 Calorie Meal Plan

First I would like to discuss what a valid and potential meal plan for what to eat would look like on a 1200-1500 calorie diet. I have included a layout for you below that you can pin to save for later. This breaks down some rough ideas, but remember, you can change these as you need to. A good tool to use, at least for beginners, would be an app such as this one to help you track your calories and help you see if you are hitting your calorie goals.


What to Eat Meal Plan

My advice to you would be to sit down one night each week and plan out your meals, plugging them into the app in order to ensure they will hit your goals. That way, for the rest of the week, you can simply grab/fix your listed meals and go.

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what to eat grocery listMy next piece of advice for you is to gather yourself a grocery list. Keep standard items on hand such as olive oil (for cooking), seasonings (salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, whatever you might like), etc. Do your shopping once a week, after you have planned your meals. This way, you will have all of your ingredients fresh and on hand to prep with. The above grocery list is actually for the meal ideas above so you are welcome to use those as a starting point.


The #1 thing that will consistently set you up for success is planning. When deciding what to eat keep things simple, at least in the beginning, and feel free to experiment with new recipes and methods further down the road. Do not try to take on too much at once and end up overwhelming yourself. Success is a journey. You can do this!



Do you know what to eat on your meal plan? Try this!


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