As your workout and fitness level evolves, you will have to redevelop your goals and discover new ways to challenge your body in order to keep growing as an athlete and individual. There are some easy ways to grow in weight lifting by upping repetitions, volume, both, or taking them back down.

Start Small

When you first begin lifting weights, you will want to begin small, that way you have plenty of room to grow. Granted, eventually you will hit a plateau and find yourself having to make adjustments, but for now, start with a light weight, enough to make 10 repetitions a challenge for 3 sets.

Challenge Yourself with Reps

At first challenge yourself via repetitions. [tweetshare tweet=”If you were able to curl an 8 pound dumbbell for 10 repetitions for 3 sets, when you want to take it up a notch, before increasing your weight, try increasing your reps.” username=”iMW&o(UKdvzLrQe867di2OYejzB7fFqL:1:0″] Aim for 15 reps for 3 sets, or 20 for 2. Play around with your plan and see how you can challenge your body while hanging on to the same amount of weight. Once it gets to a point where you would really have to increase your repetitions in order to feel the burn, then try taking that 8 pound weight to a 10 and see how that feels while starting over to your original 10 rep x 3 set regimen.

Take it Down, Challenge Yourself with Weight

When you really want to start building that dense muscle, take your reps down and find a weight that allows you to only get about 6-8 repetitions before having to set them down. Lifting this heavy will really start to grow your muscle, but this is not the point in which you want to start at. You want to build up to this.

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Eat Right

As with any great workout plan, analyze your diet. To build beautiful, lean muscle you should be getting plenty of protein (lean meats, eggs, protein powder, etc.) and eating healthy carbs, fats, and vegetables. Your plate should contain half vegetables, a quarter of it should be filled with protein and carbs. When building muscle, try to incorporate a whey protein powder shake one time a day.

Are you trying to increase your weight? What are your goals? Share them with us in the comments below.


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