Do you want to shed fat, build muscle, and tone your upper body? [tweetshare tweet=”Try this serious Upper Body HIIT workout.” username=”Zga##P^u7e!0Z%PcLzihH)CK!M)&8eEw:1:1″] It can be done anywhere and only requires your body and one dumbbell. Perform each move for 45 seconds, pushing as hard as you can, rest for 15 seconds, and move on to the next move. Do this circuit for a total of 3 rounds and don’t forget your warm up and cool down, those are important. Do you need an interval timer app? Check out the TOP 10. Did you know that some FitBits already have an interval timer built in? See if yours does and how to set that up here. Ready to get started? Let’s work that upper body!

Upper Body HIIT Workout

Upper Body HIIT



What’s your favorite move?

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