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People think I’m crazy, heck, I probably am! I get asked all the time “Where do you workout?”, “Oh my gosh, what gym do you go to? We should workout together” and when I tell them I workout at home they are flabbergasted! I’ve heard it all before, there’s no way I can get the muscle I have from solely working out at home, right? So wrong. Who says you need machines? In fact, the world is one giant gym. However, sometimes it’s cold, sometimes it’s hot, maybe it’s raining or snowing. I do not usually workout outside, I have my own room I use inside. It’s my own, private space. At our new house, we are blessed enough to have that sort of room and I can decorate it however I like. While I haven’t gotten quite that far yet, I do have my essentials already there! I have been working out at home for years now, so I know a few things that you are definitely going to want to have if you plan on cancelling that gym membership and creating your own at-home workout room. Keep reading for my top 5 essentials and why!

Do You Even Lift, Bruh?

I pity the fool who doesn’t! But when it comes to working out at home, buying multiple sets of weights is not only space-consuming but EXPENSIVE! The best solution to this issue to invest in a set of adjustable weights. Yes, they seem expensive at first, but if you purchased a set of dumbbells for each weight, you would be spending a lot more money. My wonderful husband was sweet enough to buy some of the Adjustable Bowflex weights for me! FitDadChris does an excellent review of these. Truly, they are lifesavers.

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Is It Hot In Here, Or Is It Just Me?

When you are in one room, small or larger, it is a smaller space than the gym. You’re going to have some static air and all your work will make you hot. I highly suggest a small table fan to sit on a shelf in your workout room. If you’re like me, you may get hot easily and sometimes it can be hard to breathe. The air will help you to be able to workout for a longer duration.

Okay, What Next?

If you don’t know how to create your own workout programs, chances are you will be subscribing or looking up free workout programs/videos on the internet. Guess what? you’re going to need a laptop. 🙂 Even I, sometimes, like to do online workout videos or search on YouTube for a new core workout! Get yourself a laptop guys, it’ll keep things fun and interesting.

Please Don’t Stop The Music

What keeps your blood pumping and kicks your butt into gear more than music? If you don’t have one, get yourself a Bluetooth speaker so you can crank up your tunes! I use the Hotshot and use my hubby’s Flip.

Keep Track!

How do you know if you’re making progress? Write it down! That’s right, be sure to keep a notebook and pencil in there so you can log your workouts, reps, and the weight you used. You can’t see if you’re improving if you aren’t writing it down. How will you know to push yourself if you can’t remember how many reps you did last week or what weight you lifted? Keep tabs babes! Track it all!
These 5 items will definitely be the start of a very successful workout room at home. To recap, we need

  • Adjustable Weights
  • Fan
  • Laptop
  • Speaker
  • Notebook
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What are some of your workout room essentials?


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