What better feeling is there in this world than buying yourself (almost) new clothes? Clothes in general. Something nice, just for yourself, just because. I experience that feeling every time I receive and open my polka dot box.
Within this past week, I believe I have received 3 boxes, each of which you can see here and here. Let’s see everything I received in yesterday’s box, and just a quick note, *whispers*I saved over $400! ­čÖé

ThredUp Unboxing

This box consisted of 2 cardigans, 4 tops, 1 skirt, and 1 jacket. Let’s begin with our cozy cardigans.

Retail: $98   ThredUp: $3.99

This is a very light-weight, beautifully colored cardigan that I am proud to add to my collection. It is by Max Studio, and since I work in a cold office, it will be worn often. ­čÖé
Retail: $60   ThredUp: $3.99

This peach colored, knitted cardigan is a steal from Tommy Hilfiger. It is warm, thicker, perfect for the chilly weather right now.
Retail: $24   ThredUp: $4.99

This long sleeved shirt from Forever 21 is really cool. I’m all about having unique pieces in my closet, so this will be a nice addition. Added bonus: It fits like a dream.
Retail: $60   ThredUp: $3.99

This fun, glittery, flowy top is from Carmen Marc Valvo. Although it is flowy, it actually looks amazing and gives me a beautiful shape. Sometimes flowy things make me thick, bulky, or generally unattractive. They tend to swallow me and make my upper body look as if I am wearing a bag!
Retail:$71   ThredUp: $3.99

This light-weight sweater from YAL New York is super soft, so soft in fact that it┬ámight┬ábe cashmere. I haven’t put it to the test yet, but I’ll let you know!
Retail: $24

ThredUp: $3.99

This beautiful lace peplum top from H&M has a lace up back. Very feminine and sexy, I can’t wait to wear it.
Retail: $58   ThredUp: $5.99

This is a gorgeous skirt from Sugarlips. Unfortunately, I can only wear it if I tuck in a sweater or something. It is only a smidge to big, but it was a final sale so there’s no returning it. Worse comes to worse, it wouldn’t take much to take it in just a little bit.
Retail: $37   ThredUp: $4.99

Finally I bought this killer Andrea jacket. It has leather on the arms, gold buttons, and animal print. It has removable shoulder pads too so you can look extra rocker-chic. Again, I love having unique pieces in my closet. You never know what you might need for a special occasion!
If you haven’t signed up for ThredUp yet, do so here and get $10!! That $10 would have paid for 3 of these items ­čÖé Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more awesome content!

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