While Spring cleaning has been happening at my house, it is being replaced with some Spring shopping as well! I have been in the process of putting all of my heavier-wear (sweaters, large winter coats, etc) in the extra closet, while filling my current closet(s) up with new Spring and Summer outfits. Replenishing, I should say. Now, at another point in my life I would have done this is very short spurts. One top here, another top there, finally it’s May and I bought my first pair of shorts or dress, and so on. But with ThredUp I can make one purchase and in a single haul, have a good start to my new season wardrobe.
In this haul I have saved over $800….WOW! Let’s take a look:

HUGE ThredUP Haul

 I’m doing this in a way that is simpler for your reading, I don’t want an individual picture for every single item since I ordered so much. 🙂 Ooops. I do want to show you the awesome pieces I got and go through some of the brands.

Aren’t these White Mountain flats gorgeous? They are seriously brand new.  There is cushion in them, almost like a foam, that makes them incredibly comfortable, perfect for work!

Retail: $38  ThredUp: $14

While this Banana Republic top was beautiful, it swallowed me and made me feel unflattering, so I wound up sending it back which was unfortunate.

Retail: $18  ThredUp: $5.99

I am a sucker for adorable, printed pants and that is how I fell in love at first sight with these gorgeous L.E.I skinny pants. They are soft and fit so well! I wish I could have gotten 2 pairs!

Again with my printed pants! How rocking are these and this adorable t? This is already labelled as my next “Concert Outfit” and I was ecstatic to find the pants fit me so well!


I put this outfit together by myself, aren’t you proud? The flats are by Mossimo and were originally $25 but I scored them for $9! And look at the back detail…
The pants, also by Mossimo, were unfortunately too small (like petite??) and will be going back. But they were cute!
The lacey, sheer light pink top is by H.I.P. -Happening In The Present and I am in love with everything about it! It enhances my waist (in a good way) and my chest. The top was only $15 at retail, I got it for $5.

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My ladies will love this killer DKNY cardigan I basically stole for $8 :O Yup, retail was almost $300….incredible.

While we’re discussing theft, let’s not forget this original Rory Beca top that retails for over $200, yet I got it for $12. Hmm, crazy right ?! There is the original and then there is the Rory Beca for Forever 21. There’s a major difference in quality and price.

Retail: $24  ThredUp $8.99

I don’t know what it is about the Mossimo brand, it’s not a designer label yet I do tend to purchase quite a few of their pieces, like this casual dress. I was excited to try it on and I really love it, I just need a belt to cinch the waist. I like to accentuate my waist when I can. 🙂

Retail $12  ThredUp $4.99

A great little top for work, and it goes perfectly with the floral pants above, this Mossimo top will be a nice little addition for my office life.

Retail $12.99  ThredUp  $5.99

I love lace, don’t you? Well, this feminine top from Peach Royal is lacey, pink, and has a fully sheer back that just gives me all the feels. <3

Top: Retail $12  Thredup $4.99    Shorts: Retail $27  ThredUp $7.99

ACH! How cute is this outfit though? I love these dressy Charlotte Russe shorts (I am a CR feign) with this knit crop top from January 7. This will be my go-to outfit for Orlando next month on our 1 year anniversary! We are going to beat the heat in *style*.
If ya’ll loved any of these awesome pieces, go here—->>>to see what else they have and get $10 when you sign up! You will love it, and they makes returns so easy if somethings not what you thought it was.

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