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Many of you (especially my regular readers) are familiar with ThredUp, the largest online thrift store for designer women’s apparel , and have followed my previous unboxing articles when I order from them. Thankfully, ThredUp offers an affordable way to fill your closet with name brand and designer pieces.
Recently, the company has introduced a new feature: Goody Boxes. Unlike companies that offer curated boxes in women’s apparel  for a monthly subscription, these Goody Boxes are not a subscription. They have free shipping and returns, and right now, they are only asking for a $10 deposit versus the regular $20 deposit. The deposit is nonrefundable, but it does go towards the price of whichever of the 15 items you want to keep.
What types of Goody Boxes are available? Glad you asked. Currently ThredUp offers a Spring Essentials to transition into pieces for the warmer weather, Just For You, a mix of items handpicked to match your style, and the NEW Closet Overhaul, which delivers 25 pieces instead of 15. Alternatively, you can fully customize your Goody Box (which is what I did) by answering a few simple questions. Let me walk you through it:
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I went through the process to get a Custom Goody Box for myself, by answering a few quick questions about what I like, my budget, preferences, and style.

goody+box+thredup+designer+apparel+ women's apparel

I was asked what four items I would like my stylist to find for me. I chose tops, pants, shorts, and jeans, then continued on to Tops and sizes.

goody+box+thredup+size+ women's apparel

It will direct you through to enter the sizes of the pieces you requested and move you to Budget where you can enter a desired price range for each piece.

thredup+goody+box+curated+style+stylist+ women's apparel

Next, you can enter your style and brands you like. After that, you will be directed to enter your age, weight and height if you would like,  send a message to your stylist, and send a link to a Pinterest board of pieces you like.

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The process was quick, informative, and easy, and after completion, I received an email confirming my order was received and that I would be receiving an email when my order shipped out. Also, the email contained my order number which, when I clicked it, it navigated me back to the website to allow me another chance to tell my stylist about pieces, colors etc., that I don’t like, again add a Pinterest board, and tell her a little about my lifestyle and what I would be using the pieces for such as the office and casual dates.


A few days later I received my Goody Box with 25 pieces for me to try. Out of these items I kept 6, although I loved many of the shorts in my box, but they were too large. It was exciting to open the box and try everything on (like a one piece jumper) and see my taste or how I looked in new styles.

You can view my whole unboxing video here and see below for which pieces I kept.

Once you return your box with the items you did not want, you will receive an email with a link to all of the items you had received. asking why you are returning these items in order for the stylist to better understand your style and needs.

The Items I am Keeping

Hollister Pants and Top women's apparel ThredUp Gap Womens Pants women's apparel








thredup women's apparel


My Final Thoughts

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This is an excellent brand to afford beautiful, high-quality women’s apparel and I think the Goody Boxes offer a chance to discover a new style and additions to my wardrobe. It gives me the opportunity to potentially try new items for myself that I would not have bought or looked at twice.

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If ya’ll loved any of these awesome pieces, go here—->>>to see what else they have and get $10 when you sign up! You will love it, and they make returns so easy if something is not what you want.


Or, if you’re more into making your own clothes versus buying them (kudos to your skills), this website has some great tips to help you learn sewing! From essentials to get started to machines and patterns, they have everything you need to get started and begin creating your own fabulous wear. 😉


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