When it comes to getting fit and healthy, there’s one very important step that many people underestimate on their fitness journey. No, it’s not finding the ‘motivation’ or finding the ‘perfect plan’ or even the ‘perfect diet’. It’s this: the fitness mindset. Your mindset is absolutely everything to your success, so you need to make sure you have this in place when you’re starting out on your journey. The earlier you can get in the right mindset, the better your results will be. This is not a race, and you shouldn’t attempt to get quick results (quick results can feel great but they usually don’t last). You want to make fitness a part of your lifestyle, and when you’re in the right mindset, you’ll be able to do this as well as achieve something you can keep up forever. The main reason people yo-yo so much or don’t reach their goals at all is because they are in the wrong mindset, period!

your fitness journey

So, how can you start getting into the right mindset and ensure you’re well on your way to reaching your goals? Read on to find out:


Come Up With Your ‘Why’

When you embark on your fitness journey, you need to keep in mind your ‘why’. Your why needs to be powerful enough even when times get hard. Simply looking good is often not a good enough reason. It can be powerful and compelling, but only to a point. How about considering what good it can do for your mental health, and how you’ll be able to fight off nasty diseases and illnesses in the long run? If you have kids or plan on having them, you’ll also be setting a great example to them, too.

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Visualization is extremely powerful, which is why athletes use this method all the time to reach their goals. Spend some time visualizing everyday, whenever you can. See yourself in your new lifestyle. How do you feel, and how do you look? Take it a step further by acting like that person. What do they eat? How do they stand? How do they speak? Eventually, you’ll be living your visualization in real life!


Read Books And Watch Videos

There are so many books and videos out there on mindset, so find the ones that resonate with you and utilize them. Tony Robbins is just one person who is great for mindset coaching. You could even listen to sleep affirmation videos while you sleep.


Find A Type of Exercise That You Really Enjoy

The key to sticking to this and staying in the right mindset is to find a type of exercise that you really enjoy. There are all kinds of weight loss programs out there, and the best one for you is always the one you enjoy and want to stick with.


Learn To Love Your Body Now

You won’t get anywhere by hating your body. Learn to love your body now and you will make better progress and be in a much better frame of mind.


Change The Stories You Tell Yourself

The stories you tell yourself are powerful. Spending your days telling yourself you’re fat, not enough, or not motivated enough will not help you. Change these stories even if they are not true for you yet. It will make all the difference!

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