Losing fat is often something that people confuse with losing ‘weight’. There’s actually a huge difference, and if you want to trim down at any point in your life, you should know about it. First of all, weight loss can refer to anything; it can refer to being lighter through losing water, or muscle mass, or anything else – it doesn’t mean you have gotten smaller or that you’re shaping up your body. Fat loss, obviously, refers to losing just fat, nothing else. When you lose fat, you begin to notice positive body composition changes, and you will get smaller – even if the number on the scale stays the same, fluctuates, or goes up! You need to forget everything that magazines and the media try to tell you about fat loss. Below, we’re going to tell you a few more important things if you’re thinking about embarking on a fat loss journey:


You Need To Steer Well Clear Of Fad Diets and Detoxes

Fad diets and detoxes can refer to many things. For example, cutting out carbs. Can you see yourself doing that forever? Chances are you can’t, so you shouldn’t do it now. Whatever you decide to do, it can’t be a ‘quick fix’. It absolutely must be sustainable and something you can see yourself doing in the long run. It should be balanced, with treats in moderation. Yes you can track your macros using an app to get an idea of what you’re consuming, but you shouldn’t cut out a whole macronutrient, unless a dietician has advised you to for a medical reason. For example, the gluten free diet is a must for the health of many people who are gluten intolerant, and is not a fad diet.

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Then, there are ‘detoxes’. The human body is amazing, and totally capable of detoxing itself. You should not aim to live purely off detox shakes and juices, as the only thing you will lose is ‘weight’ – you will feel rubbish, and chances are, you’ll want to give up and end up putting more fat on than you had in the first place. You need to get out of that quick fix mindset!

Juices And Shakes Should Only Be Consumed The Smart Way

This doesn’t mean you should never take shakes or juices at all. Green juices can be a healthy addition to a healthy diet and help you to get your 5 a day, providing you’re eating enough food alongside them. Protein shakes are good for those who don’t get enough protein day to day, and those with added vitamins can be great if you’re on the go and you need a quick meal – although it’s always better to eat real food. You need to get to grips with nutritional labels, too, as they will help you to figure out what’s value for money and what is just sugar in a bottle/tub!

More Fat Loss Pointers:

  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet is the best thing you can do for fat loss.
  • Exercise that you enjoy is the second best thing you can do. A little cardio and a fair amount of resistance training can work wonders!
  • A positive mindset is crucial. This is a lifestyle change, and you should enjoy it!

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