Wow, here we are on Week Two of the Faith and Stephanie Project. Really quick, take a look back on Week One before continuing here. I’ll wait.


On to Week Two! This week focuses on the classics.

Week Two: The Meals

The Meals

Week Two involves a lot of those staples within classic meal prepping. Think chicken, rice, broccoli, sweet potatoes, salmon, etc. Many of these meals I usually use in my meal prepping but the book has introduced new flavors and still, new meals.

The first meal we are making this week is Chocolate Banana Overnight Protein Oats. One note about this, I did not have cacao powder I had cocoa. These two are NOT the same therefore I totally eliminated the chocolate portion of these oats. It’s okay though, they are still delicious. Again, this meal will be used as my pre-workout meal. It’s perfect because it provides healthy carbs for energy and protein for muscle-building. The next meal is Beef and Sweet Potato Lasagna – YUM! On this it suggests using beef or ground bison, again I opted for ground turkey and it is just so good. I am not a fan of beef so you won’t find that I use it very often. Also, I don’t like spaghetti, pizza, or any red sauce like that so I eliminated the marinara sauce. Many of you are shaking your heads but the ricotta cheese still keeps it from being dry, no worries! I also had roasted Salmon with Asparagus and Brown Rice and Lemon Garlic Chicken with Broccoli and Brown Rice and a Spicy Yogurt Sauce on the side. I have so say, it is all so good and really focuses on the macro-nutrients still.

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Level of Difficulty

I will give this an because most of the meals are so easy but for newbies it could get overwhelming with two things in the oven and multiple things on the stovetop. It will depend on how new you are to multi-tasking and meal prepping in general. But these are classic meals and all in all easy to make.

The Tips

Feel free to do what I did and use ground turkey in place of the beef. I would really focus on the Prep Day Action Page here where it tells you what do on which recipe and when, especially if you’re new, because it can be a lot of moving parts this week. The oatmeal and roasting the asparagus and vegetables is just so easy. If you are really struggling, take a step and buy frozen brown rice instead. Just buy enough to have 1/2 cup of brown rice for a total of eight meals (chicken and salmon meal). Also, if you aren’t a salmon eater, you could totally use chicken instead. When you go to roast it, make sure it is butterflied thin.

Final Thoughts

These classic meals are delicious with new flavors introduced. I love how there is a different protein used in each meal and different vegetable so I won’t get bored. This is also great for someone like me who usually eats the same thing everyday. It’s giving me way more vitamins and minerals that my body needs desperately.

I will be using these meals in the future and can make the chicken meal for my husband as well, I know he will like it.

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I spent under $30 for all of the groceries necessary to make these meals. I already had some things such as the spices, I had some garlic leftover from the week before, a lemon and sweet potatoes. But I did have to purchase the rest of my produce, dairy, and meats.

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