With this week under our belt and heading into week 7, Week 6 puts us halfway to the finish line. Now from here on out you will notice some skimpiness. I am attempting to lose a few pounds and therefore altering the meals. Many of these meals are anywhere from 500-600 calories and that just doesn’t work for my calorie goal. I need to improvise to bring each meal down to around 300 calories each. To do that, I plan on replacing many of the starches and carbs with vegetables and lessening the amount of oil the recipes seem to request. That being said, please bear with me.

Week Six: The Meals

The Meals

This week the theme as Mediterranean Meals. The Mediterranean Diet focuses on limiting red meat, utilizing healthy oils instead of butter, and eating whole foods such as vegetables and fish.  You will notice the only meats we have are chicken, fish, and sausage. There is no beef this week (so no turkey for me to substitute with). Each meal is plentiful in vegetables and each meal has been very delicious.

The first meal is a Vegetable and Sausage Frittata (my favorite), there is Tilapia with Roasted Asparagus and Tomatoes over Rice (I subbed with cauliflower rice), Mediterranean Chicken and Vegetables over Brown Rice, and a Chicken and Vegetable Spinach Salad.

I had a picture of the Frittata but somehow I deleted it. That is truly a shame because it looked as beautiful as it tasted. A large chunk was under 300 calories and it was so delicious and nutritious that I will be making this again for sure.

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Level of Difficulty

I will give this an A because the meals were all pretty simple. There was no fancy footwork to you. Basically, cook your meats, cut and steam your veggies, and cook your rice. The frittata, once everything is cooked a little, just bakes in the oven. I did save time on swapping out rice for frozen cauliflower rice and even frozen brown rice.

The Tips

My first tip would be to find a fish you like. If it isn’t tilapia, is there something else? I like salmon but I gave tilapia a try. I was wary because I cannot stand very fishy-tasting fish. Tilapia literally tastes like chicken.

Again, swap out rice from frozen rice (just double check the ingredients list) and this saves you time and dishes!

Everything else was pretty cut and dry. Oh, the frittata called for 12 eggs and I thought that was excessive and used only 8. It was perfect! But eggs aren’t very high in calories so if you just really want them, go for it.

Final Thoughts

Very easy, very simple, this would be a decent week for beginner meal preppers to try. The meals are fairly simple so I didn’t feel like I was running multiple amounts of  projects all at once and about to lose my mind. When some is Easy, Delicious, and Good for you, you just can’t go wrong!


I spent about $30 again this week. I might chill on relaying you guys this information unless one week seems to be far more or lower than the average $30-$40 it has been.

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