Week four was kind of a flop because I made the meals, of course. But, I didn’t eat many of the meals. *Sigh* With Christmas we had so many leftovers, so many sweets and things. My meal plan and structure frayed horribly. I’m getting back on track though and my goal is to eat every meal I made for this week! What are the meals? Let’s check them out. 🙂

Week Five: The Meals

The Meals

This week the theme is Cozy Comfort Food. I made pancakes, chili, nuggets, and roasted chicken. Yum! Our snack is Protein Pancakes, then we have Rosemary Roasted Chicken with vegetables, Chili and Noodles, and Nuggets with Sweet Potato Fries and Green Beans. I made a few adjustments to each meal really.

First off, I used my Protein Pancake Recipe and just increased it to make enough for 6 meals. My pancakes are simple: 1 egg, 1 scoop or protein, 1 teaspoon of baking powder and water. I increased the ingredients to 3 which gave me 2 pancakes per meal.

Instead of chicken thighs for the roasted chicken I used chicken breast. I don’t care for dark meat, that’s just me. Of course I left the sweet potatoes and butternut squash.

For the chili and noodles, I used turkey instead of beef and I used butternut squash noodles instead of zucchini. I did this because Lidl has butternut squash already “noodled” so I didn’t have to do it myself. It saves time and hassle.

Finally, I swapped chicken for tofu for the nuggets. I did this for more variety in my protein this week. I made the sweet potato fries and used frozen green beans instead, again, because it saves time. I am on vacation and in my final days, so my time is very precious.

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Level of Difficulty

I will give this a B+ because everything was pretty simple to make especially if you take the shortcuts like I did with the noodles and green beans. The pancakes are super simple, the rosemary chicken is an easy sheet pan meal, the only thing I could see being a real pain is if you are doing your own noodles. Good luck!

The Tips

Again, my suggestions would be to use frozen green beans and buy spiraled vegetable noodles instead. Also, you might want to swap out turkey for beef like I did, or make tofu nuggets.

If you are using tofu and this is your first time, NOTE: tofu is very wet. In order to help make sure the tofu cooks crispy, pat it down very well with paper towels and apply some pressure. Get as much moisture as you can out of it.

Another tip I discovered. I buy tomato paste, use like 1 tablespoon and end up tossing the rest. So wasteful! I found a tube of tomato paste that you can reseal. Get this now!

Final Thoughts

I’m much more excited about this week than I was last week. I have a new goal to lose 13 pounds by the middle of March and sticking to these meals will help me to get there so I am ready for that. The sugar and deviation from structure have made me very soft. I am not happy it. Bring on healthy eating, healthy goals, and a wonderful 2019!


I spent about $30-$40 on everything and I needed everything except some spices and protein powder. Overall, that’s not bad. That seems to be the average each week too.

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