We are already a quarter of the way through, we have gone through three weeks (check them out) and will be starting our fourth week, woo-hoo! It’s been super fun you guys. I hope you are enjoying this journey as much as I am. Too, I hope that you picked up your own copy of the Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook and are following along. If so, feel free to use #FaithStephanieProject on Instagram and post photos of YOUR meals.

Let’s checkout how my Week Three went.

Week Three: The Meals

The Meals

Week Three’s theme was Game Day so it focused on a lot of fun foods including nachos, fajitas, and buffalo chicken with carrots and celery. Think of the kinds of foods Buffalo Wild Wings might have.

The first meal I made, my snack, was Date and Nut Granola Bars. These puppies were delicious but very high in calories (nuts, dates, apricots, coconut oil) and a bit messy to actually make. You have to chop your dates with coconut oil and finely chop your nuts, also you have to chop your apricots. This means, for me, pulling out the food processor. Ugh. Thankfully I have a small food chopper so I used this in place of my usually food processor. Still, it was messy and annoying to deal with but they are delicious!

The other meals included Chicken Fajita Bowls, Beef and Bean Nachos, and Buffalo Chicken with Quinoa and Carrots and Celery. The fajita bowls were simple and delicious. The nachos I used ground turkey again in place of beef, these are delicious and I am a nacho lover. The Buffalo Chicken falls flat but it could be because I had a time with my sauce. I didn’t think the flavor was there, it was a headache to make, and it wound up being very thin. I barely used it and was mad at myself for even wasting my time making it. I am just being honest.

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Level of Difficulty

I will give this a D because I grew very frustrated with that damn sauce! I also wasn’t a fan of the messiness involved with the dates for the bars. Possibly, if you can find dried dates and chop those up, this recipe may be easier and less messy. But when you purchase dried fruit you have to be extra careful of added sugars so be aware. I love the nachos and enjoy the fajita bowls and the bars are, again, very yummy. I do not like how high the bars are in calories and the buffalo chicken recipe as a whole just falls flat.

The Tips

My tips for this week would be to plan, have all of your veggies cut and ready to go, take your time and breath. Again, you can use ground turkey in place of beef for the nachos. A possible tip, one I did not try, screw making your own hot sauce and look for one at your grocery store that is made with whole ingredients and no added sugars.

Final Thoughts

I am a little under-excited about this week and it could be stress from other things currently. Out of all 3 weeks so far, this is my least excited to make and I am forcing myself to eat one of the meals. That’s just not fun.

I will be using the nachos recipe in the future of course. Maybe the bars every now and again. Other than that, bring on Week Four!


I spent under $60 this week which sounds like a lot but dates and nuts get very expensive very quickly. I also had turkey and chicken and that can add up too. Definitely one of the more expensive weeks thus far.

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