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It is too easy to become overweight these days. Not only is there sugar hidden in almost everything you buy but portion sizes are gradually increasing and our lives are increasingly sedentary. Sometimes it can feel like your own body is out of your control.

But there are ways to take back that control. Even if you can’t control what is put into different foods, you can control what you eat, how much you eat and the amount of exercise you do to ensure a healthy lifestyle.


Eliminate Your Cravings

The first step in taking control of your body is beginning to understand your cravings and addictions. Sugar and alcohol are both common addictions with similarly destructive effects. And though you might understand what happens when you quit drinking or eating endless candy bars, you probably aren’t feeling too bothered about figuring out a way to stop because you think it will require more strength than you have.

In fact, the opposite is true. When you crave something it is usually because you want a boost of dopamine – or the happy hormone. You simply have to find a way to give yourself a boost without turning to your vice. Warm baths, a walk in fresh air and all kinds of other activities can work brilliantly without you resorting to over-eating or drinking excessive alcohol.


Understand Your Hunger

Being hungry is okay.

Let’s just say that again: being hungry is okay. It’s not going to kill you to be hungry for a few hours. It could actually do some good.

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British journalist and doctor, Michael Mosley, has popularized the Fast Diet in the UK and it is rapidly becoming the most popular intermittent fast diet around. The idea is very simple: on two days a week you eat only 500 calories and for the other five, you eat normally. Unlike a regular diet, the Fast Diet is regarded as a lifestyle and comes with all kinds of benefits from weight loss to helping control insulin levels.

If there is one thing that the Fast Diet can show you it is that being hungry is a tenable option as long as it is only on two days a week – much easier than reducing your calorie intake every day as many other ‘diets’ do.


Enjoy Exercising

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. It should be a fun thing to do that gives you an emotional high, time to clear your mind and boost your stamina all in one. If your exercise routine is boring you, then quite frankly, you are doing it wrong!

We can’t all like running on a treadmill or playing team sports – the key is finding a way to get out of breath while having fun. Try all the different pieces of equipment at the gym or forget the gym altogether and do shuttle runs between trees (or cones) in the park. Walk up a hill with a picnic (edible weight!), take a bat and ball game to the beach or use the stairs instead of the lift each day.

Exercise is easy when you find the right sort for you!

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