Good Morning Everybody! What a beautiful weekend we have had here in North Carolina. Now it is back to the grind and that good ‘ole 8-5!
While my day job consumes 40 hours of my week, I have recently been working on another awesome project. This time I teamed up with a company called MealEnders, to try their product and review it.
I was so excited for this opportunity because this is a game-changing product and, let’s be real, they were featured on SharkTank and that is EXCITING! 😀 Keep reading to find out more about this product and get yourself a little discount at the end.

MealEnders Review

What is it?

First and foremost, what the heck is a MealEnder? Exactly what it says: an end to your meals. This small, double-layer lozenge is a tool used to help us learn to stop overeating and learn to stop snacking mindlessly.

How does it work?

You know how studies have proven that it takes our brains 20 minutes to register that we are full? Did you know it takes the average person only 10 minutes to finish a meal? Therefore, we still feel hungry, simply because our brain has not caught up with our stomach.
MealEnders work by filling that time and engaging your mind and body. Instead of reaching for more food, reach for one of these, allow it to dissolve completely, and you will likely feel full and satisfied.

Who is this good for?

MealEnders are good for overeaters, snackers, or anyone on a journey to better, more conscious eating.  They are great to take with you anywhere! I keep some in my desk at work, in my purse, and at home. Especially at work, in between meals, I get cravings. Instead of swiping chocolate from the kitchen at work, I pull out a MealEnder, allow it to dissolve, and I feel so much better!

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What else should I know?

MealEnders are not candy. They are not meant to be chewed and swallowed, but savored and dissolved. It is also a way to teach us how we should be eating, slowly, mindfully, and self-aware.
MealEnders can fit into to any weight loss program or meal plan you are currently on or thinking of starting.
They are not an appetite suppressant, are drug and stimulant free, and contain real ingredients.

Where can I get mine?

Now that you know the facts, you’re probably interested in trying them! Check out the flavors (my favorite is the chocolate mint!) and create your account. Regain control today and get over overeating with MealEnders!

How you can save!

Use my code LLL15 to save on your first order. 🙂

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