You have your fitness and health journey underway and you are dedicated to your fitness regimen and healthy meal plan. It may have never even crossed your mind, that the health of your skin, due to the stress of exercise, could be at risk. Did you know, high-intensity workouts, running, and sweating can cause damage to your skin and premature aging? I noticed, over the past couple of years, my skin has lost its luster and some creases have popped up here and there, but I never could find a solution. Until now!

123FRE Skincare

FRE Skincare
High-intensity workouts and running can, overtime, cause the skin to sag. Between that, sweat, and sun damage caused by exercising outdoors, our skin is under a lot of pressure and potential damage. 123FRE works by protecting the skin, preventing breakouts, de-stressing and re-balancing, regenerating collagen and helping to prevent pre-mature aging. They do this by using a 3-step system that protects, purifies, and revives.

Protect Me

The first step is to protect your skin. 123FRE’s Protect step is a SPF30 moisturizer that is water resistant and will not clog your pores. You can apply this as an everyday moisturizer or right before your workout, especially if you exercise outdoors. This is specially formulated to not irritate your eyes, so that as you sweat, there is no burn!

Purify Me

FRESkincare Revive
The second step is a hydrating cleanser that helps prevent breakouts, de-stress, and re-balances your skin’s pH. You will use this post-workout by dampening your face and applying this cleanser for 1 minute, rubbing in a circular motion. Then you rinse and pat dry.

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Revive Me

The third and final step is to revive your skin with this anti-aging serum. It boosts your fatigued skin with vitamins and minerals and regenerates collagen. You need only a teeny tiny amount of this, applied after the Purify Me.

Final Thoughts

123FRE Skincare Review
We work so hard to build our muscles and pay attention to consuming a healthy diet, now it’s time we paid more attention to our skin. If our bodies are beautiful, shouldn’t our skin be, too? For every set sold, FRE will plant an Argan tree to replenish the endangered Argan forest and support women who harvest Argan oil in Morroco. FRE women are Fit, Elegant, and Resilient, they need a skincare product that matches! I am so thankful I found this product. I have been using it for over a week now and have seen a difference in the crease in my brow, my skin is softer, it has more luster. I love that this product is vegan and cruelty free! FRE is a MUST skincare routine for women that sweat!

FRE 48 Hour Discount Code

FRESkincare Review Purify
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