I <3 healthy, nutritious food, don’t you? But oh my gosh, racking up this enormous grocery bill at Whole Foods, or even just scouting your local grocery store for organic, healthy foods, is not motivating me to eat healthier it’s motivating me to eat cheaper. Why whole foods are now more expensive then processed garbage is beyond me! Thank the universe for my stumbling upon NutraPrice, where I can now buy all of my healthy foods and household products for less!

NutraPrice Review

Whether it’s herbs, vitamins, baby, personal care, household or food, NutraPrice has EVERYTHING! It is all organic, non-GMO, at low prices, with free shipping.  Their motto is “You don’t pay for delivery at the grocery store, and you won’t pay with us.” I am A-OK with that you guys.
They carry name brand products such as Simply Organic, Nature’s Way, Kiss My Face, and Earth’s Best to name a few. Look at my haul below to see everything I purchased for $200!
NutraPrice Haul
That all contains:

Whew! That’s a lot! To give you a better idea, for kicks and giggles, I added all of these to my Amazon cart, although 1 or 2 items I could not find, and my total was over $300……Yea. #savings Don’t believe me? Checkout my Amazon:

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And my NutraPrice:

NutraPrice – Special Discount Code

At this point, I am not sure why you would not purchase from them.

  • Free Shipping
  • Organic Products
  • Brand Names
  • HUGE Savings

But, I’ll throw in a little something extra: my discount code. Use LALAAL15OFF at checkout to get 15% extra savings on top of their already discounted prices.


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