While some people love working out, for others of us the idea of exercise is as hellish as the concept of sitting a three-hour math exam, and because of this we tend to avoid being physically active. Perhaps you had a bad experience in gym class when you were at school which put you off of exercise for life or maybe you’ve always felt uncomfortable in the gym? Whatever the reason for your dislike of exercise, it’s important to understand that physical activity is essential for your health.


According to the experts, on average it’s important to ensure that you get around 150-minutes of physical activity each week of moderate aerobic exercise to remain healthy. While a lot of people choose to gain this physical activity via heading to the gym or going for a run, it’s important to remember that this isn’t the only option when it comes to exercise. There are various options that you can consider.

activities to try

Like the idea of trying alternative forms of exercise? Have a read of the ideas below!

Activities to Try


Play golf

Are you a fan of crazy golf? Do you love being outside? Then perhaps golf could be a hobby that you should consider taking up? Did you know that one round of golf on an 18-hole course can burn as many as 600 calories – that’s just for two hours of exercise! Golf is surprisingly easy to play and is actually an amazing way to get fit, despite it being a seemingly easy workout. Never played? Don’t worry there are plenty of beginner classes that you can go to!

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Go rock climbing

Are you a bit of a thrill seeker? If you are then you might like to give rock climbing a try because it’s an extremely effective workout that will not only act as a great cardio workout but will also work all of your other muscle groups too. Obviously, if not done right it can be dangerous so it’s best to start off by heading to a rock climbing center and taking some classes to get to grips with what’s involved, followed by going on rock climbing excursions with a qualified instructor and all of the essential equipment, such as the best climbing harness and a secure and well-fitting helmet.


Join a sports team

Did you love playing sport when at school? Were you part of a sports team? If you were, then perhaps you might want to consider playing for a local team as a way of exercising regularly. Sports teams can be a great way to get fit and lose weight as you spend time training each week as well as playing games, and what’s great about this form of activity is how much fun it can be to do.


The fact is that not everyone loves exercise and that’s okay, however, what isn’t okay is not doing any kind of workout at all due to your dislike of more traditional forms of exercise, such as hitting the gym. There are various options that you can consider when it comes to workouts, it’s just a case of determining what these are – the ideas above should help you to get started.

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