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Isn’t it weird how we are focused on eating healthy and exercising to live this “healthier” life? We completely forget that there is more to us than sweat and nutrients, that we have this mind, this spirit we must nourish to become a healthier person, and live an all-around healthy and balanced life. Keep reading to learn how to live healthier, aside from the salads and daily walk.


By self-care I am not talking about a leisurely walk or drinking more water to help aid your digestive system, in self-care I mean something deeper, taking care of your mind and your very soul. As busy humans, our spirits become chipped and cracked without us even realizing it happens. Take some time to stop criticizing yourself, stop comparing and berating yourself. You are worth so much more than that negativity and you are crushing your spirit. Create joyful routines, even something as small as enjoying a cup of coffee on your front porch in the mornings. Be still at moments throughout the day and check-in with yourself. Ask yourself “How am I feeling?” or “Do I need to close my eyes a moment and breathe?” These check-ins will create more time to make sure you are healthy and happy.

Improving your Pets’ Health

Healthy pets make for a healthier you, so why not be sure your furry friends are getting the nutrition and love they deserve? Take care of your fur-friends’ coat by brushing it regularly and keep their appointments at the vet to ensure total, quality health. Ask about their diet and if you should change anything, but do not change your pets’ diet without consulting the veterinarian first.

Growing Our Own

I think it has become pretty clear that today’s food contains hormones, pesticides, and other potentially harmful chemicals that we now have the (more expensive) option to purchase organic. However, have you considered growing your own food? Granted, not everyone can have cattle, but most people have the ability to grow a couple of vegetables and herbs, and that’s a start. You would know exactly what products are in the food you are eating.

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Being Aware of Other Products

With many people now aware of the harmful chemicals in other products we use: shampoo, cleaning products, even plastic water bottles, we can consciously make an effort to make better buying decisions. Did you know that something as simple as a plastic water bottle contains chemicals that can be potentially harmful? And what about all of your hair products? Your cleaning products? You probably sprayed the kitchen counters this morning with a potentially harmful product that you (and/or food) will touch later on.
There are alternatives to the harmful products we use, we just need to take the time to look, research and educate ourselves. I challenge you to switch just one of your products for a healthier alternative. Whether you switch from a name brand cleaning product to vinegar and baking soda for cleaning, or you make a switch to paraben-free shampoo, just start off with something small and make your home, and your life, a little bit healthier for it.

Making Our Own Black Out

I know, the thought of a black out is terrifying. What on earth would we do without the technology we use around the clock of everyday? Did you know that this overly-abundant usage of technology can have a negative effect on our health though? I’m not talking about the signal causing cancer cells, I just mean the stress, over-thinking, obsession, and even depression that constant contact with technology may cause.
Do something good for your mind and emotional health and make it a new routine to schedule time without any technology each day. Even if it’s just 1-2 hours before bed each night with the television and lights off and your phone on silent. Grab a book or play a game, or try having a conversation with your significant other about your day.

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Reminding Ourselves to Breathe

How often a day do you stress out? Are you constantly on the go, rushing to get a laundry list of things done? You need to take time throughout the day to close your eyes, breathe deeply in and out, and focus on resetting your mind. This will help you eliminate stress and pressure, and work more efficiently.

Making Time for Our Loved Ones

Nothing makes us feel better and fuller of life than when we are surrounded by our loved ones. Be sure that you are balancing your career and responsibilities with quality time with your family and friends.

What are some other aspects in your life where you making healthier decisions? Share them with us below.


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