As anyone who follow me knows I have changed my lifestyle over the past few months and have lost about 12-15 pounds. I did the whole Focus T25 Program with huge success. Unfortunately now I am lost and do not think I look as good as I did and I still have a few more pounds to lose. I have been thinking about doing Focus T25 again but I am not sure. I have been doing a mix of Jillian Michaels Body Shred and just started Les Mills Combat which is a lot of fun.
I have the beach coming up in like 3 weeks. I really want to lose a final 5 pounds by then. I have been tweaking my diet but do not see what else I need to exclude. I guess I will continue working to Les Mills and mixing in some Jillian and Focus 25. As long as I am working out hard it isnt so much about which workout I am doing as much as what and how much I am eating. I never know if I am eating too much or too little. I do not eat packaged foods and eat my fruit and veggies. I eat lean proteins like turkey and chicken and stay away from much bread and pasta. My greatest weakness is I feel like I deserve a sweet treat at least once everyday. And therein lies my small lower belly pudge culprit. Ugh


  1. Good luck! Think ‘New bikini’ if you hit your goal! along with all those great beach pics in it…..You can go back to sweets and pasta after the beach is over…just a few more weeks.. 🙂 Or stay clean in your eating to enhance your healthy lifestyle..

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