I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Munk Pack and try a few of their amazing products! Munk Pack offers healthy, gluten-free and vegan products, such as oatmeal squeeze and cookies, made from real food. When I first heard about the oatmeal fruit squeeze, I was hesitant. But since I love oatmeal (okay, I love food) I was in. I’ll try anything once!

Munk Pack Unboxing and Review

Take a look at the goodies Munk Pack kindly sent my way:
I got 4 cookies (2 peanut butter chocolate chips, 1 oatmeal raisin spice, and 1 double dark chocolate) and 4 oatmeal (blueberry, apple cinnamon quinoa, maple, and raspberry coconut).
The cookies are all amazing.  You really only need half (whether i ate half or not shouldn’t even be a question) and they are chop full of protein and flavor. The oatmeal raisin spice is my favorite, it tastes like gingerbread!
Just look at that big cookie! These puppies are thick too and can be very filling!
Yes, the oatmeal is a squeeze like the things toddlers use. 😀 BUT. How convenient if you’re going on an adventure. And shouldn’t life be an adventure? I love, not only the flavor options, but the quinoa and acai options. Like the blueberry acai flax. Talk about super food! It’s better than a smoothie on-the-go!

This may have been my favorite flavor, Maple Pear Quinoa. The delicious pouch is only 90 calories but such a great, filling and healthy snack.

Final Thoughts

I happened to see someone else mention this brand and did a little investigating and was happy to find them and see that their beliefs and goals are in-line with my own: real food that is good for our bodies. And it tastes so good! They make great snacks, or even breakfast on-the-go. I am so glad I found them to add to my list of healthy snacks with real ingredients. Go here to get your trial pack of oatmeal squeeze or cookies!
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