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GUESS WHOS IN THE TOP 25!?!?! And its all thanks to YOU guys 😘
Now were voting for the top 10 in the next 6 days. So please continue to vote every 24 hours

Ms. Health & Fitness has given me the opportunity to compete for a chance to grace the pages of Muscle & Fitness Hers #magazine and a chance to win $20,000! Of course, it would be some killer exposure too.
If I win $20,000 I will be donating some of it to Out of the Garden Project which helps to feed hungry children and I will be using the rest towards my Master’s degree 😂

Click the link to vote for me! This will run until July 5th and then we will see if I place in the top 10 or am out 😁 So please vote every 24 hours, share, share, share, and forgive me for getting on your nerves


Donating half of the proceeds to @Out of the Garden Project if I #win

Vote now!

Will you vote for me?


Love Ya’ll A Latte,


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