Welcome readers! I have some exciting news to share with you guys. Okay, so I have been using this app for about a year now, and it’s great for healthy-cooking, people who need instructions to cook, those of us who want to make nice meals but need to know EXACTLY what to do and that won’t take forever to make!
Now I know you have heard of companies such as Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. Sure, they’re nice, all you do is have your meals delivered and follow the instructions on how to cook. Easy! But, sort of expensive, am I right?
Check this out: What if I told you, there is a company that designs your meals based on your diet (paleo, vegan, etc.), based on foods you like (don’t like beets? Okay, check!), and they gather a list of ingredients which you can take with you to the grocery store, check off as you go, and all you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions to make these meals. OH! And it’s FREE
No, I’m not kidding. It’s called Mealime, and it is incredible. Again, I have been using it for over a year. However, when I reached out to them, boasting about their excellence, I offered them a full review and in exchange, they gave me the Pro Version, which will even tell me the nutritional info of the meals. How cool?! Keep reading to get all the deets on my personal experience with this app!!

Mealime: Full Review

What It Is:

Mealime is free to download from the app store for both Google and iPhone, or you can sign up online. Mealime is a great tool that offers FREE meal planning through healthy recipes. When you begin to sign up, it takes you through personalizing and building your first meal plan. Building your menu consists of you going through and noting any allergies or restrictions, picking foods you don’t like, if you’re vegetarian, Paleo, low carb, etc., and picking your cooking settings such as how many people and how many meals. All of these points can be changed later, this is just a starting point.
Once you build your plan and enter your details, it will navigate you to your meal options. If you aren’t interested in the meal options they have chosen, it’s okay, flip through until you find one you would like to make. **NOTE: The Pro version offers more meals.**

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  • Free Meal Planning
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Grocery List with Checkboxes
  • Step-By-Step Cooking Instructions
  • Cookware Needed
  • Cooking Time
  • Ability to Save Favorite Recipes
  • Ability to Share Recipes
  • Nutrition Information (Pro)
  • Ability to add Favorites to Current Meal Plan (Pro)
  • Early Access to New Meals (Pro)
  • Support (Speedy with Pro)
  • Cooking Mode (Hands-free)

Pros and Cons:

Pro: Great for those of us living, or trying to live, a healthier lifestyle. These recipes that are offered are great for proper nutrition and balance.
Con: They do not offer breakfast recipes or snack recipes, however, I have heard that they are working on getting there. Hopefully soon!
Pro: The step-by-step instructions and details as far as everything you will need, makes this app so easy to use. Even if you are not an experienced cook, this is a great tool for you to use!
Con: You have to have the Pro version to view the nutritional facts.
Pro: This is a great way to handle meal prep because you can choose to cook a meal to feed 2, 4, 6, and make the meal in bulk for the week!
Con: Unfortunately, there is no 1 meal option. Sometimes I would like this feature.

Who It’s Good For:

This app is great for anybody! Those of us who meal prep, those of us who want to eat healthier, those looking for new, easy recipes for you and/or your family. Anybody can benefit from this app. And it’s FREE so what are you waiting for!? Sign up now!

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