The sun is up to welcome you to a new day and new opportunities, but are you ready?

You throw back the covers, stumble out of bed, groggy with the night-fog.
Your body shivers as the air hits your skin and you pad your way over to the bathroom and try to wake yourself up.
You aren’t ready yet.
You have an allotted amount of time to make some breakfast, dress, meditate, and prepare for the day ahead.
As your body begins to awaken, and the smell of toast and food teases your nose, your senses open and you actually begin to feel somewhat like a human being.
But you aren’t ready yet.
You plate your food, stomach grumbling, and walk over to make your morning coffee.
As it brews, the aroma enters the air, mixing with the scent of your breakfast.
You grab your milk from the fridge and shake it up, just enough to get the bubbles going.
Your coffee is finished.
When you add the creamy, milky bubbles to the blackness in your cup, the froth forms on the top, beckoning you to sip it up.
Pressing the cup to your lips, you melt into the milkiness of your cup of joe and finally….
..You are ready.


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