The leaves are falling all around us, pumpkin spice lattes are back in business, and the sweater weather is here; the holidays aren’t too far away. Along with the fun and celebrations of the holidays, often comes a lot of calories and indulging which can be fun to do at this time of year. But if you don’t want to get too far off the track that you’re on, then it can be a good idea to shift a few pounds before the holiday season commences, then you can enjoy the season to the full, with no guilty feelings. After all, the time off and time with family can be a great way to rest, relax, and help you mentally.


But if you’re not too sure of what to do, other than try to exercise more in your already busy schedule, here are some great was to give your weight loss a jump-start before the holidays.

holiday weight loss

Intermittent Fasting

The reason why intermittent fasting can work so well is because it is the practice of forcing your body to use up the energy that is stored up, rather than just using what is coming in from what you eat. It can also help you detox your body, as it helps to repair and cleanse your body from the inside. Having one or two days a week where you fast, can help your body to reset and can be a long-term way to stay healthy and manage your weight.


Consider a Keto Diet

Have you heard of the term keto before? It stands for ketogenic, where your body burns that body fat that is stored as its energy source. It is a high-fat, and very low-carb way to eat. The keto diet revolves around foods like coconut oil, avocado, nuts, eggs, fish, and plenty of non-starch vegetables. It can be a good way to kickstart weight loss, and can help to balance hormones too.

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Food Supplements

If you are having a balanced diet then you shouldn’t have too much of a need for supplements, unless you are training for something specific and need more amino acids or a particular vitamin. But if you are eating a certain way, such as the keto diet, then there can be some nutrients that you’re missing. Which is why looking to some diet supplements to use that will help you to be healthy and boost your weight loss can be a good idea. Just make sure that you’ve done your research and buy them from a reputable retailer.


High Intensity Interval Training

As well as what you eat, you can give your weight loss a boost with the kind of exercise that you are doing. If you are wanting to get rid of some stubborn pounds, then the good news is that you don’t have to workout harder, you just have to workout smarter. HIIT training doesn’t have to last long, but because of the intensity, it is doing wonders for your cardio, as well as your strength and muscle form.




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