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It’s so easy to get sidetracked into staying indoors and eating comfort food in front of Netflix, especially when you have a hectic lifestyle with work and family responsibilities. It’d be no surprise if your health and fitness have been last on your list of priorities. However, it’s crucial for a long and happy life that you look after your body as much as you can. You’ve only got one after all. And, there’s no better time to take on some fresh changes that will give you a much-needed boost and kick-start into the months ahead (especially with party season coming up).

How to get that well being feeling

Fortunately, there are plenty of small changes that you can make and things you can enjoy that will make sure you’re leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Nobody’s here to tell you off for eating candy when you have a craving, or tie you to the treadmill for hours a day; it’s about enriching and enhancing your life with great things. You’ll love the way you feel when you’re fit and healthy, and you’ll reach a point where you can’t imagine not having those healthy choices in your life, which will see you through your future. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who want to make some positive changes to their lifestyle so that they’re as happy, fit, and healthy as they can be.

well being feeling

Keep Drinking The Good Stuff (H2O)

It sounds so simple, but so many women are forgetting to stay hydrated throughout their day. Drinking the odd coffee at work and enjoying a glass of wine on a Friday don’t count towards flushing your toxins away, and ensuring that all of your organs (including your brain) are able to function efficiently. Caffeine and alcohol can contribute to dehydration, which is why they can cause headaches, migraines, and even UTIs. Your liver and kidneys need plenty of water to flush out those nasty toxins, and drinking plenty of water every day will help to prevent diseases of your organs, and keep lesser-known conditions at bay.

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There’s no need to give up your coffee hit or glass of wine completely; simply make sure that you’re getting into the habit of drinking a glass of water afterwards and throughout the rest of your day. Eight 500ml glasses, evenly spaced through your day will not only keep your insides in tip-top condition; you’ll have fresh, youthful skin to look forward to as you’re glowing from the inside out. Therefore, it’s worth investing in a reusable bottle so that you can top-up that H2O regularly.


Ensure Your Nourishing Yourself

Pack your plate full of colorful and nourishing ingredients and forget about sad salad leaves and a soggy tomato (nobody wants to eat that regularly, or ever). When it comes to your vegetables; the more color, the better. Finding fresh and seasonal produce to add to warm salads, stews, and soups will ensure that you’re able to satiate a large appetite and will know that your nourishing your body with plenty of vitamins and fiber.


Doing a bit of research now will ensure that you can kick your bad food habits and fill up on tasty alternatives for the rest of the year, so check out some simple and delicious recipes online and get inspired. Sometimes you’ll need a little help when it comes to planning what’s best to eat, so, click here and discover how a diet plan might be a great option for you. It’s not about starving yourself or going hungry, as this will only make you reach for the sweet stuff; it’s just time to enjoy more of the good stuff that will definitely fill you up.

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Keep Fighting Fit  

For you to stick to your exercise and fitness plan, you’ll need to find something that you enjoy and look forward to. If you hate running and have bad knees; it’s no use telling yourself that you’re going for a run every day, as you’ll go out once and do a U-turn, before giving it up completely. Therefore, it’s worth looking into the latest fitness trends and signing up for some classes to have a great time.


Look at it as another way to socialize, and get your health and fitness levels up in the meantime; it’s a win-win. Other people and classmates will always encourage you to keep going back, even when the weather sucks, so keeping your fitness light, fun, and social is the best way to start your new way of life. And, who knows what exercise it could lead to next!



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