You may not be aware that fitness and health do not always go hand in hand. Sure, fitness can improve your overall health, but did you know it can also negatively affect it? Let’s take a closer look.

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What is fitness?

Fitness is about capability and conditioning in order to fill a specific role or carry out a task. For example, if you are running a marathon, your fitness level is what helps you get to that finish line. How did you prepare your fitness capabilities to carry out this specific task and win the race? You probably spent a lot of time practicing running for longer and longer periods months in advance.

Fitness measures endurance, how long and how heavy. There are a number of components involved in fitness including:

  • cardiovascular
  • flexibility
  • stability
  • mobility
  • speed
  • muscular strength

and more.

What is health?

Health is being free from illness and injury and refers to physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It’s not only about being free from sickness, but being able to bounce back if you were to become injured or sick. While fitness can improve health, and vice versa, other ways to achieve good health include:

  • where you live (your environment)
  • relationships
  • genetics
  • income
  • balanced diet
  • managing stress

and more.

How do you know if you are healthy? Beautiful hair, nails, and teeth are great indicators, along with many more.

How does fitness affect health?

Fitness and health are not the same but they definitely contribute to one another. Being fit will improve your cardiovascular system, improving your heart, lungs, and blood vessels for better efficiency within your body. Flexibility through fitness will improve your joints which helps prevents injury and together fitness and health can improve your body composition, keeping you at a healthy weight.

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Can these two negatively impact one another? Absolutely. If you experience unhealthy relationships, high-stress, or consume poor-nutrition through your food, your fitness will be impacted by a lower desire to achieve exercise goals and a lower endurance. Of course, fitness can have a bad influence on your health if you are training for competitions, constantly obsessing about your weight, or restricting your calories to meet goals, or even over-training and not allowing your body time to rest.

In all things in your life, try to aim and achieve a healthy balance.


Are you fit and healthy? Take a fit test and evaluate your health for yourself. Share with us below. 🙂


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