Did you know that out of the 10 million Americans diagnosed with osteoporosis, 80% of them are women? One in two women over 50 will break a bone due to her osteoporosis(1). Women tend to be at higher risk for this disease due to their smaller bones and their hormones, which can result in higher bone loss. Before it gets to this point, individuals should focus on prevention first, by strengthening their bone density through weight-bearing exercises and high-impact exercises. Still, there are ways to reverse and improve bone loss if it has already come to that point.

How Do Bones Lose Density and Strength?

Bone density is the mass of material per volume of bone, the more material per volume, the stronger your bones will be. As the body ages and throughout your life, your body absorbs old bone and replaces that with new bone. However, when the body begins absorbing old bone quicker than it is creating new bone, bone loss begins to occur and the bones will lose there strength(2). As the body ages it can also be prone to absorbing vitamins and minerals, such as calcium and phosphate from the bones instead of those nutrients staying in the bones, making them much weaker and more brittle.

How You Can Build Bone Density and Strength

First off, in order to build bone density and strength, you need to take a look into your diet. You should do this at a young age and be sure that you are getting an adequate amount of calcium, phosphate, and vitamin D in your diet. This article gives you a great idea of daily calcium goals, which foods have calcium in them, and vitamin D recommendations.
To build stronger bones you must include weight-bearing and high-impact exercises. Plyometrics (jump training) and weight lifting are excellent forms of weight-bearing and high-impact exercises that can be used to promote bone density and strength. These types of exercises prompt new tissue (bone) to form, strengthening them. The push, pull, and tug during exercises, work your muscles and your bones and improves your strength, posture, and balance(3).

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How to Reverse or Improve Osteoporosis

For those who have already been diagnosed with weak or brittle bones, some weight-bearing or high-impact exercises may not work for you, or you might be elderly and unable to lift the amount of weight you would need to in order to build your bones up. There are ways to reverse or improve diseases such as osteoporosis, and there are ways to do so without having to take medications.
While you might be unable to perform Plyometrics or light heavy weights, you can still walk (alternate your speed and carry some light dumbbells) and take Tai-Chi or yoga. Another great option that many people do not know about is the biohack, OsteoStrong. I was able to go in to the Greensboro location and saw how the systems work and it is incredible. By using 4 different machines, it takes under 10 minutes, you push with all your might on the machines to create that weight-bearing required to build your bone density. The 4 machines are used for your lower body, upper body, core strength, and chest strength. All it takes is one time a week and the results and testimonies are unbelievable.
A few other natural ways to reverse and improve weak bones are to avoid soft drinks, decrease your protein intake, stop smoking, and get more sun(4).

Bone-Strengthening Workout


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