Whether you have taken that leap and began your fitness and health journey, or you are looking for ways to just clean up your diet and eat better, you may have noticed the countless diet and meal plans out there. From the ketogenic diet plan, to Adkins, you have options, but how do you choose just ONE diet plan? Buckle up lovelies, I want to have a real talk with you.

Diet Plan: Which is right for me?

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know by now that I am not about that bullsh*t. What I am going to say to you will be real, maybe even harsh, but it’s facts and truth. We all know there are countless diets, meal plans, and all around ways to eat. Each one better than the next, each one preaching that it will get you to your goals. Do yourself a favor, STOP. Stop listening, stop reading, and stop scrolling through Pinterest (seriously, it’s the worst for your journey).
First, change your mind set. STOP thinking of your way of eating as a diet. We are not yo-yoing anymore, it’s time to get serious. We are changing our minds, changing our lifestyle, changing the way we think about food and changing our bodies.
So what do you eat? When do you eat? Is timed nutrition relevant? Should I fast?
Do this: Eat when you are hungry, I mean physically hungry. Be sure your meals consist of a protein, healthy carb, healthy fat, and pile on your veggies! When you just can’t stand it and really crave something, have a couple bites. Have a small serving, indulge a little.
But…how will I reach my goals?
Simple: Caloric deficit. 
A calorie is not a calorie. 500 calories from baked chicken, squash and broccoli is not equal to 500 calories in a McD’s cheeseburger. It’s just not. What do those calories from the cheeseburger do for your body? Is there any nutritional value in it? If so, it’s not much. Yet the baked chicken is recovering your body and helping you to build muscle while the squash and broccoli are providing fiber, iron, vitamins, and so much more!

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A calorie is not a calorie. 500 calories from baked chicken, squash and broccoli is not equal to 500 calories in a McD's cheeseburger. It's just not.

Now, if your goal is to lose fat, you need to take in 500 less calories a day. For example, if you eat 1500 calories today, you need to burn off 2,000 to be at that deficit. Do this everyday, until you reach your goals. Exercise comes into play here, to help you burn more energy (calories) and get to your deficit. Remember, 3500 calories is equal to 1 pound of fat, therefore, you need to burn 3500 calories more than you have eaten every 7 days.
If your goal is to gain muscle, you will indeed need to lift weights and take in more calories a day. For example, if you burn 1500 calories today, you need to eat more than that. 2500 calories equals 1 pound of muscle, therefore, you need to eat 2500 more calories every 7 days.
Now, if your goal is simply to maintain where you are, just align your intake with what you burn. If you burn 1200 calories today, you need to take in 1200 calories. Still be sure to involve exercise, overall, it’s good for your body!
Isn’t this just calorie counting?
The only way you really don’t need to count calories is if you know your body and you are maintaining your current weight.
So what can I eat?
Eat whole, healthy foods. Be sure to pay attention to portion sizes and for the most part, stay away from anything processed. I like to treat my body 3 times a week that are semi-scheduled. I know Saturdays I am usually out with my husband and/or friends, therefore I would like to go get a cupcake, milkshake, or a slice of pizza with them! So I can mentally notate that on Saturday I will have a treat. At some point during the week I would like pizza, because it’s my favorite. Noted. Then I have one more treat that I can indulge in whenever I would like. Why 3 times a week? Because 1) it’s what works for me and 2) that’s 20% of my eating. 🙂

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( Portion_Size_Cheat_Sheet )

the 80/20 rule diet plan
This is only difficult because society has made it difficult by coming up with all of these fad, strict, outlandish “diets”. In reality, it’s simple: Eat good food. Eat for your goals. Pay attention to your body.
One more thing I would like to point out: get rid of the whole breakfast, lunch, dinner concept. Think of things more as meal 1, meal 2, meal 3. Breakfast, lunch , and dinner make you feel as if you have to eat at specific times, but what if you truly are not physically hungry? Then don’t eat. Some people call this intuitive eating and this just means that your mind and body are in-tune with each other to know when you need fuel.
We have over complicated what being healthy means and have caused so many restrictions, that our bodies are out of whack, our minds are fried and exhausted, it has led us to binge, to hate ourselves if we slip away from our diets, and so much more.
Let’s end the diet plan fad and focus on eating for our bodies!

What diet plan seems to work best for you? Comment below, we want to know.


Love Ya’ll A Latte,


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