As much of my audience knows, I am a brand ambassador for HerSuppz. What this means for me is that I represent the brand and their products, I write articles for their website, and I try and review their products. I chose to apply with them because I like their presence and I stand behind their beliefs and focus on women in the fitness world. I just want to clarify, that doesn’t mean I rave about products I 1) haven’t tried myself and 2) have no real knowledge of whether or not it works. In other words, I rep the HerSuppz brand, not necessarily every product they sale. Which is a lot! They have brands such as Cellucor, Fitmiss, Quest, I mean SO many. They just offer these products at lower prices. Does that make sense?
I order from them regularly and have posted an unboxing video on YouTube, but instead I would like to write this post and review on the items I received. Keep reading below!

HerSUPPZ Unbooxing and Review

I bought 3 Amino Energy, 2 Cellucor C4, 1 Machine Greens MTS, and 1 PB2 by Bell’s Plantation. First off, I LOVE the Amino Energy because it is made from natural energy sources. That is a win because I try as hard as I can to stick with everything as natural as possible. The flavors I bought are fruit fusion, macchiato, and raspberry lemonade. I cannot wait to try all of these flavors! I have had cotton candy and peach lemonade in the past.amino-energy-hersuppz-iced-macchiato
The Cellucor I bought in the watermelon flavor and got the orange burst free! I love the watermelon and I haven’t tried the orange burst yet, but even my hubby commented that it sounds yummy. 🙂
The MTS I have had in the green apple, but this one is apple cinnamon. It tastes so good! I just add a scoop to my morning water and add some ice. If you cannot stand grit, try blending it instead. For me, the grittiness isn’t so bad.
I love PB2 by Bell Plantation in place of my usual Jiffy All Natural peanut butter. I tend to get a little addicted to peanut butter, so having PB2 is great with half the calories!
One last thing , HerSuppz now has a rewards program. You can get points by creating an account, sharing to social media, referring friends and making purchases. Your points can be used to purchase products and receive freebies or a discount on your order.
If you order from HerSUPPZ, be sure to use my discount code FAITH and you will get a discount at checkout.
What are your favorite supplements?

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