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The Deal:

Okay, so here it is: I love writing, cooking, and watching too much television. Over my Thanksgiving vacation, I re-watched Julie & Julia and had an off the charts sort of idea! If you don’t know, this movie is about Julia Childs, a chef who wrote this huge cookbook. Later, a woman named Julie Powell decides to start a blog, cooking and blogging every single one of the 524 recipes within this cookbook. I thought to myself ‘This is a great idea. I could do this. But…..we are a HEALTHY focused blog.’ That’s when, through some research i found it: A cookbook with recipes geared specifically to HEALTHY MEAL PREP. And the clouds parted and the Lord shined the light upon this book.


The Book:

There are actually a few books to choose from, so we’ll see how this goes. Maybe this will be the start of a series. Now how did I finally choose? This book is not specifically for beginners, it is full of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and is full of time-saving tips as well. Who doesn’t want to save some time in the kitchen? I want to make things so yummy and easy that you have to reach your goals. We want to make this process fun, enjoyable, and able to fit within your busy life.

Okay, so, the book I chose is Healthy Meal Prep: Time Saving Plans to Prep and Portion Your Weekly Meals by Stephanie Tornatore and Adam Bannon.

Feel free to get this book and follow along. I will be posting my photos (success or failure) and my tips and reviews on how the food tastes of course. For the record, I can cook. I am not chef-level where I can come up with my own recipes, but I know my way around a kitchen.

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The Authors:

What do I know about Stephanie and Adam? You guys know I did some research before I bought this book. Surprise, surprise, Stephanie and Adam are a married fit couple. They run a YouTube channel called Fit Couple Cooks with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. They share meal prep ideas, food, and fitness videos. Together they educate and empower and often make me laugh. I feel that they are real and encouraging and here at LLL, we love that!

Faith & Stephanie Project

healthy meal prep cookbook


The Project:

What’s the point of this? Well, for one, people think that healthy eating is boring. Many people think it’s bland, time-consuming, harder to prep and keep fresh. But I want to show you how much fun eating healthy can be. How creative and innovative and fun, but simple and delicious. Some weeks can be more creative and unique than others if that’s what you want.

So, the goal is to make a new recipe out of the book each week. At the end of the week I will release the blog post with the photos and notes, review and any tips both from the book and of my own. Lucky for you, I am an advanced meal-prepper. 🙂 So you have an educated prepper as your guide here.

Anything else? No? I think we’re done here for now. The book should arrive in just a few days so until then, carry on folks! 😀



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