It’s getting chilly here in North Carolina so I have been meal prepping soups and stews for my dinners these past couple of weeks. These are such an easy way to pack in your nutrition, keep calories low, eat your fill but not feel stuffed. Soups and stews can have protein and carbs and be loaded with vegetables. For some bonus nutrition, start off with a small mixed green salad.

Last week I made a Chicken Fajita Soup and it was delicious. But I tried a Harvest Beef Stew this week and liked it even more. That was really surprising because I rarely eat beef. Next week I am making a Healthy Chicken Noodle soup and adding a small leafy salad as a starter. The soup is loaded with carrots and celery and has that protein from the chicken and carb from the egg noodles. But for now, let’s focus on the Healthy Harvest Beef stew. I also shared it on Instagram if you want to save it on there.

Healthy Harvest Beef Stew

healthy harvest beef stew

At first it may look like a lot of ingredients, but they are mostly vegetables. Plus, I took a photo of the vegetables chopped which makes it look like even more. Although, my crockpot was full to the brim! Now, you can add other vegetables such as celery or broccoli if you prefer. Get creative! Just remember that softer vegetable (such as peppers) may take less time to cook.

healthy harvest beef stew

Once you have gathered all of your ingredients, you can cut the roast into pieces, flour, and begin to brown those. Meanwhile, feel free to measure out your other ingredients and begin chopping what needs to be chopped.  I also like to spray my crockpot with olive oil non-stick spray just in case.

healthy harvest beef stew

Once your meat is browned and your vegetables are ready, go ahead and put everything in your crockpot. I used a Beef Chuck Roast, although I’ve never really understood when to use what cuts of beef. This infographic might be helpful.  BroBBQ does an awesome job of explaining the different cuts of beef.

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Next, I like to mix everything in in the crockpot together to help combine the flavors since you won’t open it back up for another 5-6 hours. Remember, your crockpot will be very full. Don’t freak out, things will cook down a little. If you can’t add all 4 cups of water, don’t. Start with 2 and work to 4 depending on how full the pot becomes. Remember, the meat has juices and the tomatoes have juices as well. Lack of flavor or dryness is not something you need to worry about in this recipe.

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