The top questions I get are “How did you get so many Instagram followers?” or “How do you get to work with so many brands?” and of course “Do you get paid to do what you do with social media?” The answers are not simple; therefore, I decided to write an article on this information. Keep reading to find out how to grow your social media audience, what I have learned about social media marketing, and what networking is and what it can do for you and did for me.

How to Grow Your Social Media Audience

How to Grow Your Social Media Audience

Whether it’s for building your brand or you have a dream of becoming Instafamous, you are probably one of many wondering how to grow your social media audience. I started in July 2017, when I created Ladies, Lattes, and Lifting and began building my brand. This meant, too, growing my social media audience. Below are my tips on ways to grow your social media:

Keep Posting Regularly

You MUST develop a posting schedule. Remember, you are establishing an online presence. Your audience will want regular content from you, or they will get bored, find your account unnecessary and unfollow you. Take 1-2 hours, one day a week, and sit down and schedule your social media. For example, I post 2xs a day on a regular basis. My posts usually consist of a food photo, workout, sponsorship, and a selfie. Do some brainstormings, make a schedule, and do this routinely.

Analyze Your Audience

Knowing who, where, and when your audience is, is SO important. What age are they? Are they mostly female or male? Are they in the USA or mostly reside in the UK? Understanding who your audience is will help you engage better.

Take the Time to Create Beautiful Content

Take your time to take quality photos, write well-thought captions, edit your videos, etc. The highest-ranking photos and videos are ones that are beautiful, timeless, and make your audience stop through their scrolling to see what else your profile holds.

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Learn Social Media Marketing

I am the type of person who never stops learning. If you are the opposite, stop right now. Social Media Marketing is not for you. Social media is forever changing, as our society and technology changes. If you cannot adapt and are not willing to learn, you will fail.

Learn a New Skill

There are many skills that can lead to more efficient and successful social media marketing. You need excellent communication skills of course, but have you ever thought about how a photography class could improve your social media content? What about a writing class? Both of those skills are highly valued in this field.

Understand Analytics

Back to the whole Analyze Your Audience, you really need to learn how to do this. Thankfully, many apps can now do it for you, but you still need to pay attention that you cater your content to that specific audience.

Learn Multiple Platforms

Look, you can’t just know Instagram and be declared a Social Media Specialist. Life is not that simple. You need to know everything from Instagram and Facebook, to LinkedIn and Google+. Broaden your horizons and try out new social media platforms, you never know what might be helpful to your brand!

Read and Study

Invest in some books or social media marketing classes to broaden your knowledge. One book that is currently in my Amazon Cart after researching is The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power UsersI have read that this is a MUST for social media specialists to read, so I can’t wait!

Networking and How to Use It

Networking is a great way to build yourself and your brand, and maybe even learn a little something from like-minded folks.

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Reach Out

Do some searching and find out who fits your niche. Are you a blog? What do you blog about? Do you sell something? For example, my niche is health and fitness. I like to reach out to brands that sell healthy products, and people on a fitness and health journey. I introduce who I am, what my blog is about, and just make connections.

Offer Something

If you want to get involved with influencer, affiliate, or ambassador programs, try to offer the person something in return. For instance, I like to offer reviews on my blog in exchange for free product. Most companies are more than willing to do this and gain some extra exposure.

Post Giveaways

Everyone loves free stuff! If you were able to land an affiliation with a product, tag them in a post and hold a giveaway! Make sure that they are within your country and that they get an entry per person they tag!

Join a Group

Do some research to find Facebook groups within your niche. For instance, if you’re a blog, look for blogger groups, if you are a social media marketing firm, look for that. There are so many groups on Facebook that bring like-minded people together to brainstorm and help each other out.

What are some of your tips to establishing your social media presence? Comment below! Never miss a post by subscribing to our blog.


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