Every once and a while we all experience that sudden craving for a little taste of something sweet. Healthy living does not mean ignoring these desires, but rather, satiating them with other delectables than processed junk food.
Fruits are nature’s candy. Provided by Mother Nature, fruits are natural products of the earth, given to us to calm our sweet cravings and render pleasurable tastes and textures. If you’re very health conscious, be careful to pick fruits that are lower in sugar. Check out the examples below and enjoy a delicious, low-sugar, sweet treat.

Delicious Fruits, Low in Sugar


Berries of all kinds are naturally very sweet and lower in sugar. While raspberries contain a lot of fiber, they only have a little over a teaspoon of sugar per cup. Sweet strawberries only have 7 grams of sugar per cup, and contain lots of Vitamin C. Blackberries and blueberries are also great options, and they are high in antioxidants. Indulge in berries and some dark chocolate for the ultimate treat!


My husband will argue that they have no flavor, but if you pick the right one, watermelons are sweet like wine! Even better, a cup has under 10 grams of sugar and plenty of iron. Do not be afraid to indulge on these during the Summer months.


While plenty will suggest they are bitter, if you find the right grapefruit they are actually sweet and delicious. Resist the urge to add sugar and just try it! By itself, half of a medium grapefruit has just 9 grams of sugar. You can also use it to infuse your water or add it to your yogurt. Yum!

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Yes, avocados are a fruit! While they may not be sweet exactly, they are used in brownies, sauces, and chocolate mousse! They only have 1 gram of sugar and a lot of other health benefits, so you should definitely be trying to add them to your diet.


These little fuzzy guys are one of my favorite! They may be small but they are big on flavor and only have 6 grams of sugars. Technically, kiwis are considered a berry, but we’re giving them a space all their own. They are delicious plain, in yogurt, smoothies, and even as a salsa!


Cantaloupes contain a bit more sugar with 13 grams in a cup. However, they are filled with nutritional value such as vitamins C and A, potassium and many more! Scoop out the inner seeds and fill the middle with berries and yogurt for an Instagram-worthy breakfast bowl!

What is your favorite fruit? Tell us in the comments below!



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