I cannot believe it’s that time again, another Fourth of July, another celebration, hot nights enjoying fireworks by the lake or at the ocean. If you’re a local you may have been to Myrtle Beach during this time, and they have some really great fireworks. The parties and celebrations leading up to that grand finale however, are food and game-filled with plenty of beer to go around. [tweetshareinline tweet=”Read to see how you can have fun this year and stay on track with our Fourth of July Fitness and Health tips.” username=”Zga##P^u7e!0Z%PcLzihH)CK!M)&8eEw:1:1″]

Fourth of July Fitness and Health Tips: 2018 Edition


Beware the Graze

As with most celebrations, food is plentiful and there are snacks to nibble on throughout the whole time of the party. Just because it’s there does not mean you have to eat it. Be aware of what you’re eating and if you’re grazing. Try to keep away from the table of food if you can and busy yourself with a game, walk, or conversation.

Protection from the Sun

Often times we forget about protecting and the health of other parts of our bodies. Think of what the suns’ harmful rays for to our skin, eyes, and even our hair? Yes, the sun damages hair through heat and will cause it to dry out. Dress properly when stepping out into the sun, and keep sunglasses, hats, and sunblock handy!

Hit the Gym Early

Most likely Fourth of July celebrations will begin mid-afternoon into the evening, so go ahead and get your workout out of the way as early as you can. Then you will have plenty of time to cook if you need to, decorate if you are hosting, and run out to pick up any last minute items.

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Pace Yourself

At the party, there will be drinking you can bet on that! After all, it is a celebration. I won’t tell you that you cannot have a drink, but limit yourself to one or two and don’t just gulp them down like you’re water-falling (ya’ll remember the waterfall, right?).  Follow the 3:1 ratio by drinking 3 bottles of water for every 1 alcoholic drink.

Enjoy the Freshness

One thing I love about this time of year is the food because it is so light and fresh. Hopefully your party has grilled up some fresh vegetables and there is a spread of fresh fruits to choose from. Consider bringing some of your own fresh dishes too, this way you know you will have healthier options plus, everyone loves more food.

What are some ways you will stay healthy this Fourth of July? Comment below to share with us. 🙂


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