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A post about chocolate?! Who doesn’t want to read about chocolate, I mean, it’s nature’s gift. 🙂 Did you know how healthy chocolate is for you though? If not, you haven’t heard of FlavaNaturals, a brand that makes it’s chocolate with the highest quality cocoa beans, resulting in products that contain higher quantities of flavanol. Let’s start with flavanol itself.

FlavaNaturals Review

What is Flavanol?

FlavaNaturals Products

Flavanols are found in cocoa beans, and can be very easily destroyed during typical chocolate processing. FlavaNaturals preserves these by first selecting premium cocoa beans and maintaining a precise fermentation process. This results in a very rich, deep flavored chocolate product.
Studies have shown that cocoa flavanols improve brain function, blood circulation, heart and skin health.

What about Regular Chocolate?

FlavaNaturals Flavanol Chocolate
Again, the typical chocolate process dissolves these delicate nutrients (flavanols), and the darker the chocolate, the more flavanols it contains. Regular chocolate, think milk chocolate, does not have the nutrients dark chocolate has, and it tends to be higher in sugar.

What Products Does FlavaNaturals Offer?

FlavaNaturals Dark Flavanol Chocolate Review
FlavaNaturals offers dark chocolate bars in a variety of flavors, as well as a chocolate mix that can be added to milk, coffee, oatmeal, yogurt, among many other things. For FlavaMix ideas, checkout their recipe page.

Final Take

Typically, I purchase the small, individual squares of Ghiradelli 86% Intense Dark Chocolate. I love these. When I tried the FlavaBar, I was excited overjoyed because it too, was so delicious. I wound up eating the whole bar!  Be careful, just because it has nutrients, it still has calories! Watch how much you eat in accordance with your regular meal plan. 🙂

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The FlavaMix I tried in a cup of almond milk, however, it did not fully seem to dissolve. I would like to try another packet in a cup of hot milk and make a form of hot chocolate. I plan to take the 10 day challenge. You should try it!

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