February 25, 2019 11:36a.m.

Happy Monday! I know you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration to make it through another week. Here it is: Inspiration is about more than losing weight. We all have our fitness and health goals. Many consist of losing body fat, some consist of gaining muscle, others involve being able to do one more pull-up than you did last week. Whatever your goals, take a look at these inspirational women to carry on this week and nail it!

This killer boss babe has been on a journey and her gains and success are clear, but it wasn’t always that way. Her advice is to be your own body, to learn and to know YOUR body. Thanks mama!

Maybe your goals begin sometime after you’ve started your fitness journey. As you look back you see where you’ve come from, the strength you have achieved, weight you have lost, and muscles you’ve developed. From snatching 75 pounds to 200 pounds, this girl is all of our #weightliftinggoals .


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