Because Cookies are Too Good to Be Bad

December 21, 2018     3:13p.m. EST

Ahh, cookies. A super weakness of mine indeed. I could eat cookies, just about any kind, until they make me sick. I just keep stuffing my face and before I know it, they’re gone! What’s the best thing about cookies? They’re as good for your body as they are delicious.


I wonder what the first cookie I ever had was….

I can’t remember.

I like chocolate chip, sugar cookies, fudge stripes, any Girl Scout cookie, hot chocolate cookies, the peanut butter blossom cookies, the pinwheels with the marshmallow top covered in chocolate. I could keep going!

Cookies make me happy. They make me feel good. When I eat cookies, it’s like my soul is smiling. That’s gotta be good for you right?!


I know, I’m crying too.

Cookies might look pretty and taste delicious and make you happy. But that happiness is short live and momentary. In fact, afterwards, you’ll feel awful.

You’re tummy might hurt. Or maybe you will feel sluggish. I guarantee the regular dose of cookies won’t help you to reach your fitness goals.

So what’s a girl to do?!

One thing really.

I wanted a cookie today. A soft sugar cookie with white chocolate chips sprinkled in. And I’ll be honest, I had some of it. But the rest of my day consisted of whole, healthy foods and I didn’t eat more than that little bit of that cookie. I won’t have any more “artificial” foods for the next couple of days either.

While I don’t get to sit in a corner stuffing my face with a whole pack of cookies, I do feel better when my willpower is stronger then my need to find comfort in something in my life. I feel empowered and strong and healthy.

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And I get to look forward to the next time I can enjoy a single cookie.

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