If It Tastes Like Dirt, It Has to be Good For You

December 20, 2018     2:13p.m. EST

BLEH! I remember the first time I ever tried beets. That was on my mind today as I stood in the produce section at Lidl, a grocery store who migrated here from Switzerland. I was looking at beets they had wrapped up, juices gushing around in the packaging. They were pickled or something another, they weren’t just plain beets.


The first time I ever tried beets they were in a salad. They were just plain and tasted as if they had been freshly pulled from the earth, they tasted exactly like fresh dirt. I didn’t mind them so much though. In fact, I had enjoyed them enough, not even minding that my pee was purple afterwards, I had picked up the juicy beets from Lidl once. *GAG* These were not the same. No, these did not taste like fresh soil (possibly with traces of manure). How these tasted, I’m not quite sure for I couldn’t think past my gagging and nausea and attempt to get the flavor off of my tongue and away from my mouth.

Many foods that taste like dirt are so good for you. Weird, right? Maybe we should all just start grazing in the fields. But then, how are cows so chubby? Horses aren’t skinny. Just what are these babies eating?

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