Society pressures and influences the public constantly, not caring about what is good or bad for you. Between celebrities promoting anything for all the wrong reasons, and people out to make a quick buck, you can never tell what works and what doesn’t, let alone whether or not it is safe and healthy.
I would like to go over a couple of popular fitness trends that we need to completely ignore, and why we should not be doing them.

Fitness Trends to Ignore


Don’t crush your insides in hopes that you will get a smaller waist! This doesn’t even make any logic: You wear a corset and you will get a waist. No, you wear a corset and eventually it will squish all of your fat and insides all together. This in no way helps you lose fat.

Wine and Beer Yoga

Okay, this kind of mutes the whole point. Yoga leads us to a path of meditation and mindfulness. Yoga should be added in with your typical health and wellness routine. Drinking wine and beer during this sort of takes out the whole “health” portion, doesn’t it? By all means, have fun. But for a real healthy lifestyle, this isn’t it.

Miracle Shakes

I’m sick of this you know. Here’s a miracle shake for you: water, kale, berries, spinach, and seeds. BAM! That’s all, leave it alone. Whatever “miracle” shake you are selling, please tell me what process you had to take all those “super foods” through first? Stick to the basics people. Whatever you say your shake does, I think there’s something wrong with it. It’s not natural.

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Uneducated Trainers/Coaches

Be careful of trainers and coaches who have no fitness and health background or actual education. I studied through ACE, but all the people out there who claim to be “coaches”, you better ask about their education before you start taking their advice.

Things that Vibrate, Jiggle, or Shock

Anything that says it can burn fat and all you have to do is put it on a spot and it shocks you, vibrates, moves in anyway…that’s not the way. Don’t waste your time and money.

Fat Blockers

I hate these things with a passion. You take a pill, eat whatever you want, and the pill blocks fat from being absorbed. So I can eat anything I ever want, right? WRONG! Here’s the thing, a calorie is a calorie. The fat blocker is not stopping the calories from being absorbed, therefore, these stupid things make no since except to get your money.
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