I have been so excited to write this piece! With fitness being more and more saturated by the female population, I thought it only right to see how the industry has changed over the years for women. Check out how our fitness equipment and fashion has evolved.


Fitness Equipment and Fashion Through the Years


Picture yourself in a long skirt and petticoat, wearing a long sleeve, high-collar shirt bending over to touch your toes. That’s what women in this era were doing. You were to remain full covered and stretches were all that was going on here!


Women, we are still mostly covered, however some of us have opted for longer, flapper-type dresses while others are wearing long pants and shirts. We have become a bit lazy and are using vibrating machines where we wear a vibrating belt to shake the fat away!


We’re finding our groove and doing a lot of dancing here! We keep our looks pristine and have dwindled down on clothes just a bit, wearing long jumpers!


Women did not “exercise” during this time, they “slenderized”! Equipment that rolled and shook were supposed to slenderize target areas such as the thighs and hips. It looks painful to me.


Between the housework and the kids, hula hoops became all the rage. Hey, today they’re making a slight comeback for core work, so they had an idea! House wives kept themselves pristine though and would hoop in high-waisted, long pants!


Ah, the trim twist.  Put on your shorts ladies and twist away for a slimmer, firmer you!

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Jazzercise!  Judi Sheppard Missett introduced the world to this combination of dance, strength, and resistance full-body training workout! Pull out your 1-piece body suits girls and put on some tunes!


Brightly colored outfits, Richard Simmons, and Jane Fonda. High-cut leotards might have felt sexy, but trust me, they weren’t.


Tae Bo mixed martial arts, such as kicks and punches, and Billy Blanks is to thank! Step classes and the thigh master also made an appearance for women dressed in brightly colored leotards now over tights and shorts! EEK!


Yoga studios were becoming popular, as well as street dance, and non-forgiving yoga pants!


Finally, functional clothing! Combinations that work for the gym and everyday errands are popular. Breathable and odor-resistant materials. Zumba becomes a major trend along with CrossFit and women are becoming less of strangers in the weight room! My how far we’ve come!



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