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There is a lot of information on the internet, but what is the best fitness and weight loss tips you have ever heard? We found some of the best from our top 20 fitness experts and have compiled them in a roundup to share with you.

Fitness and Weight Loss Tips RoundUp

As Told by the Top 20 Fitness Experts

To make it easier for you, we have researched and shared the top 20 fitness experts and compiled a roundup of fitness and weight loss tips straight from them! Read what they have to say and take it to heart to make some positive and effective changes.


  1. Massy Arias: Massy is a certified personal trainer who resides in Los Angeles, California and whom, in the past, called out that “flat tummy tea” that everyone seems to drink and claims it to be some “magic fix”. Massy wasn’t having it and  called them out for using her photo to promote their artificial product saying, “Really? @flattummytea? Can someone tell these scam artists to not use my image to promote their ‘magic product’?” Bottom line: there is no “magic” fix to lose weight. You have eat right and work hard.
  2. Jennifer Widerstrom: Former coach on “The Biggest Loser”, health expert, and personal trainer, Jennifer Widerstrom has years of experience and shares it regularly with her audience. Her advice when it comes to making positive changes for yourself? “You don’t want any obstacles in your life that keep you from pursuing what’s best for you, and this includes people. It could be that the unsupportive friends are struggling with their own motivation issues and your success just highlights their struggle. If they’re on board with a happy, healthy you, keep ’em. If not, it might be time to drop ’em.” Harsh words, but very true. Do not let other people bring you down and keep you from your overall goals.
  3. Anna Victoria: Certified trainer and creator of Body Love, Anna Victoria has been open and honest about her journey and her body. Her advice to us is “You shouldn’t exercise or eat healthy because you hate your body – you should exercise and eat healthy because you love your body.” Wow, that’s powerful. That makes me want to fill my body with good foods and workout more to gain strength, not to get skinny.
  4. Jillian Michales: Also know as “The World’s Toughest Trainer”, Jillian Michaels shows tough love to her clients, to push them and help them see in themselves that they have a power to lose weight, eat right, and live more fulfilling lives. Jillian is a hard-core badass who keeps it real, she is hilarious, and she is also insightful. What is her top advice to losing weight? “Stop turning to fad diets and use common sense. This is where so many people go wrong, from cutting out all carbs to eating only fat-free foods to fasting. It’s all bull, and not only is it bull, but it harms your metabolism in the process.” Following fads, be it exercise or eating, can cause not-so-great-results and leave us feeling like we failed, worse off than we were. Fad diets can quickly lead to restrictive eating and yo-yo dieting which might result in some weight loss, but not long-term. Just use common sense when eating, choose healthy, whole foods.
  5. Shaun T: Shaun T is one of my personal favorites because he pushes you but he does it in a positive way. He is real, he is fine, and he is kind of funny. 🙂 Shaun T has created major fitness programs, including the murderer, Insanity. But he wasn’t always the fine wine with muscles and chiseled abs that appears now. In fact, he has lost over 50 pounds and it all started with a look in the mirror and accepting where he was, then deciding to change that. “The most important lesson I’ve ever learned is that you can’t build or maintain physical strength unless you have the emotional kind.” Making a change comes from a deep, inner motivation to do better and be better.
  6. Tony Horton: Author, personal trainer, and creator of P90X, Tony Horton is also a world-class motivational speaker. Sometimes, we have to have some motivation and I trust that Tony is one of those people who can help me to pick myself back up after a fall.  But when talking diet, Tony says, “We are in general, as a society, addicted to fat, sugar, salt, and chemicals. It’s in everything, and we eat them because it’s so yummy and it satisfies our needs temporarily.”  Tony recommends eating more plants and staying consistent.
  7. Misty Copeland: By no means am I a dancer, but Misty is an inspiration to many and I felt the need to include here for many reasons. As a female and an African-American ballet dancer, Misty struggled at a young age to fit in and feel comfortable in her own skin. Her advice to us ,”There is no need to transform through plastic surgery or all those crazy filters and look like someone else. Why would you want to do that? I think it is so amazing to be unique. It can be a very hard process, and I went through it, being told that I wasn’t right— I am still told to this day by some people that black dancers shouldn’t exist in the ballet world—and being told to lose weight at a young age. I think it is important to love yourself now and surround yourself with people who are going to remind you to love yourself.”
  8. Cassey Ho: Adorable creator of Blogiates and fitness instructor, Cassey has a knack for growing an audience easily with her bubbly personality and colorful style. The Pilates Queen has struggles with her own body image issues and has lent way to some of her advice saying sleep is one of the best things you can do to keep your body healthy. “People take it for granted, but it’s just as important to your health as exercise and nutrition.”
  9. Adam Bornstein: Adam is the brains of the operation behind Born Fitness, a health, fitness, and nutrition website. Adam bores through the grit and gives us the truth about staying motivated. “The real secret in fitness is that many things work. So it’s your job to find what sounds best for you and what’s most sustainable.” If you are doing something that works for you and that you enjoy, stick with it.
  10. Jen Sinkler: Sometimes, you work really hard, you exercise, but you just aren’t seeing results. So how do you know if you’re doing the wrong thing? Jen Sinkler, fitness author and personal trainer, says that if you are feeling crappy or “bleh” at the gym “Chances are, when you’re feeling this way, you’re doing something that doesn’t test well for you.” Maybe try to switch it up. If you’re running like a hamster on that treadmill, trash it and lift weights instead. Do not worry about getting bulky! It’s too hard to do.
  11. Hannah Eden: I love this badass founder of Pump Fit Club. After consistent partying left her body weak, she turned a new leaf and became a crossfit coach and personal inspiration. Her best fitness and weight loss tips is to be yourself and find someone who will support your goals and accomplishments.
  12. Bob Harper: No one has wiser fitness and weight loss tips, in my opinion, than personal trainer Bob Harper. After experiencing a heart attack a couple of years ago, he still hasn’t stopped with his fitness journey. Bob shared a major weight loss tip of his “I think that we talk about being hungry, but a lot of times people are dehydrated, too.” If you are feeling hungry, try to drink some water and wait a hot minute before scrounging the kitchen. You might just be hungry.
  13. Anja Garcia: Fitness trainer, gymnast, kickboxing queen, the girl does it all! She wears her passion on her sleeve, she is so encouraging and all-around super sweet. Her biggest advice to living healthy is inspiring, it makes you want it so bad: “LIVE WELL. ENJOY FOOD. PURSUE your PASSIONS. And always STAY ACTIVE. That my friends, is TRUE HEALTH.”
  14. Tracy Anderson: Entrepreneur,  celebrity trainer and blonde cutie, Tracy also has an online studio, so cool! The thing that inspired me to add her to this list is her knock-off to the workouts that model after celebs. “Beyonce’s Butt Workout”, “How to get abs like a Victoria’s Secret Model”, and so on. Tracy bashed modelling your workouts after someone else or striving to look like someone else. “If you focus on wanting to be someone else, you’re going to completely miss the opportunity to be yourself.” That is inspiring, thanks Tracy!
  15. Joe Wicks: British fitness coach, Hunk-a-Roo, and author, The Body Coach has made it to our top 20 with some awesome fitness and weight loss tips to share. Joe suggests that “Definitely the key is prepping your meals.” I agree, if you cook your meals they are often far healthier and it keeps you from ordering take out. This can cut down on calories and up your nutrients big time. He also suggest keeping things simple: “Instead I’ve made sure I smash my HIIT sessions, I’ve eaten three meals a day, had a bit of fruit but not any cake and I’ve managed to get lean,” he added. Kill your workouts, eat well-rounded meals, and stay away from sugar and processed foods. Simple.
  16. Ulisses JR.:If you aren’t following this guy, you’re missing out. Just watching some of the moves he can do and seeing his body is incredible, intimidating, and inspiring. Ulisses is a bodybuilding coach, highly sought after in fact, who trains and writes and is just overall relentless! He is someone I look up to personally and he has 3 main points for those of us striving to live healthier more active lifestyles “Visualize the physique you want and set goals. Setting goals is the 1st step towards success! Give 110% every time you walk into the gym. Consistency is vital so never give up! Don’t disrespect your workout by eating junk! Stay true to your nutrition and maintain a balanced diet!” Okay, that’s eat, I’m going to down 6 ounces of chicken breast, 2 cups of greens, and some BCAAs, be right back!
  17. Mark Sisson: Fitness author and blogger of Mark’s Daily Apple, Mark Sisson’s biggest piece of advice is to invest in a fast every now again and allow your system to rest. Whether it’s 14 hours or 24 hours, allowing your system to rest from digestion will help redirect the body to burn stored energy in your fat cells, therefore, burn fat.
  18. Kira Stokes: Founder of the Stoked Method, where you focus on shocking the body, Kira is experienced in all sorts of different fitness activities. With her 20 years of experience, we figured it just made sense that she be on our top 20 list! What’s her fitness and weight loss tip? Eating most of your calories in the morning. She advises eating a large breakfast, medium lunch, and ending the day with a small dinner of protein and veggies.
  19. Amanda Bisk: Yoga Instructor, Coach, Amanda does a lot! She also has a beautiful Insta-feed. 🙂 As Amanda struggled through chronic fatigue, she began a journey that changed her as a person and an athlete. Instead of accepting defeat and feeling down about herself, she picked herself up and learned about who she really is. “Changing my mindset to see the positive in every situation has changed my path and my experience of life. Its all about the little efforts I put in, the steps I take and the little accomplishments along the way.” We should strive to see the positive in any situation. If you consistently put in the effort, no matter how small it may seem, it will pay off.
  20. Hannah Fallis Bronfman: Founder of Health. Beauty. Fitness., Hannah is also a global ambassador for Adidas. The beauty queen shed some light on how she eats in the moment and savors her meal, “I think it’s too bad that so many people eat on the go. Someone told me that eating is kind of like sex: If you’re not mentally in it, it doesn’t work well.”
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Hopefully some of this information will be useful and help you to re-focus your goals. I think we have compiled a great list of fitness and weight loss tips here, but remember, different things will work for different people. If you try something and it doesn’t work, don’t give up, try something else. Here it is in a Pinnable nutshell:

Fitness & Weight Loss Tips Told by the Top 20 Fitness Experts

What’s the best fitness and weight loss tips you have ever heard?


Love Ya’ll A Latte,


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