Ellie Subscription Box offers beautiful activewear collections for way less than you would pay in a store. Choose from either 3-piece collections for $39.95 or 5-piece collections for $49.95. Keep reading to see this month’s collection.

Ellie Subscription Box: September

If you follow my blogs, you know who/what Ellie is, but if not you can read this articleYou can see last months August collection if you want to get a feel for some of the past outfits. For now, let’s focus on September’s box and see what’s inside.

Stay tune for a discount code at the end!

ellie activewear subscription boxI have to stress that the puppy did not come in the box, but how cool would that be? I could see it now: 3-Piece outfit and 1 FREE Puppy! I’m telling you, your sales would skyrocket. 🙂

Okay, let’s get serious.

ellie activewear subscription boxHere’s what I got: A pair of killer, Bally leggings, a Marika sports bra in black, and a long-sleeved top with a full-mesh back. Honestly, I’m pretty sure I already have the top. If it’s from a previous box however, I’m not sure.

ellie activewear subscription boxThe leggings are my absolute favorite. They have a sort of cameo pattern, which I’m usually not a fan of, but these are great. The sheer cutouts design almost leave your legs completely exposed which adds a little something sexy. Plus, the make my a** look amazing!

ellie activewear subscription boxUnfortunately, they don’t quite hold as well as some of my other leggings during high intensity workouts. They are very high-waisted so they don’t actually fall down, but I did find myself pulling them up to adjust them every now and again. Just an FYI.

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ellie activewear subscription boxI love my puppies. They were helping me during my photos. Especially when Zuke decided to knock the camera over and take a picture of the ground from an interesting angle. That boy has a great eye for photography I’m telling you!

As you can see, the bra top has a criss-cross back. It offers great support, even during my HIIT training. I felt no pain, everything stayed in it’s place, and it’s not very hard to remove.


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ellie activewear subscription boxOverall I am pleased with this outfit, though it’s not one of my favorites out of the past ones I have tried. Other than the leggings, nothing really stands out to me about the outfit as a whole. Other than the bra support, it’s hard to see myself wearing this for anything other than solely weight training and even then, I can see myself fiddling with pulling and adjusting the leggings. Still, Ellie does offer 3 different collections to choose from, so be sure to check those out!


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So, what do you think of this collection?

Have you tried Ellie?

Love Ya’ll A Latte,


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