Ellie Subscription Box offers beautiful activewear collections for way less than you would pay in a store. Choose from either 3-piece collections for $39.95 or 5-piece collections for $49.95. Keep reading to see this month’s collection.

Ellie Subscription Box: August

If you follow my blogs, you know who/what Ellie is, but if not you can read this article. Last month’s box was so nice, I am still in love with that hoodie. I apologize for the timing this month, we’re a little late. The distribution center was facing some difficulties so shipments went out a little later than usual.

But, we’re here now and I can’t wait to show you this month’s box! First off, we got a very classic look this month so I thought “Hey, what if I put together a classic workout to go with the Ellie Subscription Box this month, since it too has a classic-feel” and so I did! Two classics that will have you feeling totally sexy and badass. Let’s check them out.

Ellie Subscription Box August Collection (1)As you can see, we are greeted with classic colors in the Tough Luxe collection, featuring black and grey. But there’s some super nice details you need to know.

Ellie Subscription Box August Collection (2)First off, puppies are not included (sorry) 🙁 . But look how nice these leggings look? They feel great too. Made from a moisture-wicking fabric, the leggings feature mesh panels along the calf and a ribbed texture mid-thigh.

Ellie Subscription Box August Collection (3)

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And checkout that booty! These leggings do not slip at all during my high intensity workouts, such a blessing. Next we have the grey tank top with a criss-cross design in the back. It is light weight and makes me look slimmer but my arms appear more defined. I’m not sure why exactly, but it does and I love that.

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Lastly, we have this gorgeous molded cup bra with a sheer racer back. It also features adjusted straps, making this bra perfect for high intensity workouts. The bra is very comfortable and my boobies felt at home. 🙂 My ONLY wish were that the bra hooked, but most women’s bras are pullovers. Unfortunately, when you sweat, these become beasts to take off.

Ellie Subscription Box August Collection (5)Alright, who’s ready to put this Ellie Subscription Box August Collection to the test? See if it can hold up to those high intensity workouts by trying the workout below. Feel free to share the workout with your friends and Pin it for later.

Classic High Intensity Workout




So, what do you think of this collection?

Have you tried Ellie?

Love Ya’ll A Latte,


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