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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the action of marketing your products and your brand via digital mediums including phone, advertisements, social media, and more. With technology constantly growing and changing, digital marketing is becoming a must for companies and brands to utilize in order to increase exposure and sales.
While this specific form of marketing is still fairly new, it is constantly changing and requires a consistent update of knowledge and content. There are many ways to improve your online brand and get the most out of your digital mediums, therefore, increasing your sales and customer base.


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Just because there is not face-to-face interactions with your customers through digital marketing, you still need to be available, offer outstanding customer service, and show your audience that a real person exists on the other side of the media outlet. Engage with your audience by responding to social media comments, emails and messages, and asking them questions about themselves. For example, if you are a coffee company and you post a photo of one of your coffees, ask in the post what their favorite roast is, light, medium or dark. This gives your audience a way to interact and remember your product.


In all things consistency is the key to success. You cannot make a post one time a month, or send out an email on a rare occasion and expect people to remember your brand or product. You have to be consistent, develop a schedule and stick to it so that you end up in your audiences’ feed more than on occasion. Be aware that this does not mean sell to your audience in every single post. Back to the coffee product example, post a coffee quote or a photo of a cup of coffee with a delicious cake slice. Caption the photo something fun and social such as “Tag a friend who loves cake with their coffee”.
You should also be consistent in your brand among your different channels, emails, and websites. Try to stick to a specific color pattern and font. Use the same profile photo and bio information as well.

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One of the biggest failures in an online brand can be disorganization. Whether it is your content, your branding, or your message, you need to create a flow on each of your digital mediums to appear as a professional brand.

Edit & Up Date

With things changing so quickly, you have to adapt. Over time you will need to update your brand and breathe new life into your website, social media channels, color scheme, and overall look and feel of your online brand. Keep written copy updated regularly, especially if your company contains an online blog.

Do you have any tips on building an online brand? We want to hear them, share them in the comments below.



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